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Am I the only one who think this armor is really inspired by the Berserker armor of Guts ?
yeah this + Fume ultragreatsword is totally Guts



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Noticing the fact that Miyazaki loves Berserk and has tons of references to it throughout Souls games, yeah, I'd say that it could be inspired by Guts.
Sigh, Miodsaki continues to turn the game into the odyssey of his difficult childhood. XD
BTW... minor spoiler : with no details whatsoever, to leave you the big pleasure / fear...

I unfortunately spoiled myself by looking some PvP action, and, in the distance, I saw a "creature"... and holy ***** : it's a Berserk reference at 200% ! If you see this "creature", feel free to confirm it. Anyway... I don't want to face that... thing !
All my nope : homeward bone, straight start ! (O . O ')
Is this armor a version of the Loyce Knights that can be rescued in the frozen DLC for DS2? The name of the DLC escapes me? But the cool air sticks out. Anyone else see or connect these?
Also just remembered. In the doc you get an eye of something I believe to progress through the zone.
You mean the Loyce Knights from Crown of the Ivory King? Dude, the only thing that look alike is the color. and pale silver isn't exactly somehting to go on.
The helmet is almost the same. The rest of the armor i'm not sure...



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they don't even look close.
It's beautiful
Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!
Oh my god I was totally thinking the same thing and was about to post that!
You are not the only one.
its meant to be a jaw with iron teeth from the knight turning into a beast. but yes. it comes of looking a bit weird.



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This is clearly DS3's version of the Paladin Armor set. Just like how the Hollow Soldier set for DS2 was there version.
The helm is very obvious
This is Guts's armor from berserk, just a little brighter. Be carefull with what you say...
Look at them downvotes.

The salty players strike again.



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No. It bears much more similarity to the Paladin set. Stop trying to relate everything to Beserk.
Hollow and Royal Soldier sets, you mean. Hollow Soldier set is the broken version.
This is definitely a direct reference to the berserker armor.
Was looking for the most similar armor to berserk since its supposed to be the inspiration to Artorias but apparently on ds3 the closest one is this one. In DS1 you have artorias set and balder set (old guts armor). Too bad you get this way late game.
Agree. But would change the helmet with the one from the Soul of Cinder.
So there is a pro move I'm gonna reveal, use your pale tongue on the helmet....
What shield would look good with this armour?
Try the pontiff knight shield.
i would say dragonslayer shield cause of how the interlocking plates are
Wolf Knight's Greatshield
shields are for scrubs... git gud
This set looks very similar to the raime set in dark souls 2
What are you talking about? This set looks nothing like the raime set!
The helmet shares similarities, but even that isn't very close.