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Did someone find it already?
Found it. Cornyx says only a witch can handle it.
Yea just keep going in the demon ruins.
In Smouldering Lake let Ballista shoot open floor near Speckled plate ring.Drop down and follow tunnel. should be on right side
The video on where to get this item is poor. It doesn't show how to get there, just where the item itself is.
you're dumb, you can pick up this tome within 20 seconds if you just sprint from the bonfire.
check another video for the route to that bonfire
I gave this tome to Cornyx after he refused to accept one of the Karla Tomes. This resulted in him taking the Izalith Tome but the pyromancies havent unlocked. FML.
only karla can accept this tome
Lies. I gave it to cornyx.
Thats the quelana pyromancy tome you dolt


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no need for name calling, but the other anon is right, there's two toms from izalith, the quelana tome and the izalith tome, the latter of which you should have no trouble giving to cornyx
hello :-)
im here too!
The tome won’t show up for me. I’ve reloaded the game and I don’t have it in my inventory and I haven’t gave it to Karla.
Cornyx takes it, not Karla. Check if Cornyx has the items.
Try checking your storage box
Pretty good
That "caster goat" is a Demon Cleric.