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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Outrider Knight Set behind it
Estus Shard behind it
Way to Untended Graves
behind the chest in the other room, whole new location, why it's not here yet? it;s like the msot important secret cause new boss
Not everyone knows how to edit a wiki page, I myself wouldn't know where to even start, nor would I presume to think that I know best on what to change, what to add, and how to present it in an easily read manner. The man brought up a valid grievance , but screw it, let's complain and down vote him for it.. -_-
Why don't you put it in
Why is my name my IP address?
Because your not signed in
Because you touch yourself in public restrooms
Free DDoses for everyone!
On a phone
I keep hitting it and nothing happens
that's what she said
it is
For any illusory wall I come across, nothing i do will make them disappear . Ive hit them, used torches, and pressed A, and nothing works. Ive even seen a glitch through a different wall to the chamber BEHIND the illusory wall, but attacking said illusory wall yields no results.



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certain weapons do not destroy illusion walls it seems
Roll on them
Are you being trolled by the messengers?


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You can also dodge roll into them, which may fix the problem many of you are having.