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If you kill an NPC for Yuria of Londor, the shade will appear as a summon for the Abyss Watchers fight


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I can confirm that she appears without killing any NPCs for Yuria.
There be sun praisin' in here.
For me and my friends whenever we go near the basilisks he seems to invade us and slaughter us.


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someone else told me that he invades in farron keep near curse lizards but i wasnt invaded on my playthrough so idk and he dropped the manikin claws
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Where exactly? The ones in the demon ruins?


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Same here. He dropped Manikin Claws.
I received a duel bow after summoning him for the fight - pretty good damage and has quite a few Estus Flasks to heal with
If you already kill the watchers can you still summon him?
Is there any way to get the duel bow if you have already killed Pontiff Sulyvahn and the watchers?
NG+ I thnink. Which sucks
And will i need to gather the 5 marks again?!
You should be able to get 5 marks as soon as you find Yoel again, assuming you didn't heal the sigils.
So I initially summoned an npc (not this guy) to help me with the darkwraiths near the abyss watchers, and he died to the abyss watcher, then I summoned this guy to help with the boss and holy crap is this guy strong! Like this guy is tougher than frigging tarkus!
I second this. The phantom can literally solo the boss without much assistance.
Summoned this guy and left to engage the darkwraiths. When I returned, he wouldn't budge. I went through the double doors and he eventually caught up. Also noticed Sirris' summon sign wasn't at the doors despite me enlisting her service previously.
Seems like he will invade if you kill Yuria of Londor.
Need to get Yuria mad at you before marrying Anri to get this invasion.
Obviously he doesn't invade you if you've beaten the game. You can only be invaded if the boss of an area hasn't been killed, and he only invades in areas with required, non-optional bosses.
Londor Pale Shade can be summoned in Kiln of the First Flame to help against Soul of Cinder. I'm not sure about the requirements for summoning him, but the summoning sign showed up on NG(2nd playtrough) with the Usurpation of Flame ending requirements met. The summoning sign is on the right side of the way up quite a bit before Yuria of Londor's summoning sign.