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Does it cast combustion like in ds2, or does it imbue fire to the other hand? Anyone have any valid info yet?
Looks like it just casts combustion
Does peanut damage. Doesn't even stagger enemies most of the time. Waste of FP.
You have to upgrade your pyromancy flame with Cornyx and then it does around 500 damage on most enemies.
White hair Talisman also uses combustion.
Because this is technically a weapon art and NOT a spell it doesn't get boosted by the 2 pyromancy rings
It's still boosted with the Fire Clutch Ring.
Leech-monsters, slimes, pus-of-man, and dogs are all extremely weak to fire damage, even low amounts are multiplied to ridiculous levels. Even if your build doesn't have attunement slots for pyromancy, or a torch equipped, or resin to use, you can just swap to your pyro flame, hit L2, and even this basic Combustion will one-shot Leech-monsters, slimes, and dogs, with Pus being stunned and requiring 2~3 uses to kill them, which due to the speed of this skill can be spammed before the stun on the Pus wears off, allowing for very easy kills.

The only downside is the range, really. Great Combustion and Black Flame received a range buff a month or two ago, but this buff was not carried over to the basic Combustion, so you do need to be very close for this to hit, but it's cheap, and doesn't require any attunement to make great use of against these enemies.
Still relevant; saves up a lot of work and doesn't need attunement + you can use it to finish off someone in pvp after they use tears of denial