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Where do you get this and how many souls does it cost. I am so excited I am a HUGE elite knight fan
Or just murder.........
You need to complete the Anri questline. This will require you to get as far as the Irithyll Castle right up into the beginning of the next segment.
i killed anri where you meet him/her with horace for the first time, got the sword, and the armor was sold by the merchant hag in firelink
Yes, however I'm not sure if it's because I finished her questline that it appeared in the shop or from the coal I turned in, found in the dungeons.
Has anybody found a way to get the set without killing Anri?



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You can buy the Elite Knight set from the merchant lady at Firelink Shrine as soon as Anri dies. (Whether you complete their questline, kill them, or fail their questline so that they die during it)

No confirmed way of getting the set without Anri dying (at least, not yet)
So look...I killed them and got no elite knight at the merchant...she sells executioner though (horaces)
Classic Dark Souls cosplay
This is one of the many armours that doesnt have a female model i have to ask why?
Well the cutscene with anri on both female and male are completely same
Not having metal D-cups molded into the breastplate != not having a female model, bud. Go back to browsing Skyrim mods if you want that.
All armors have a female model, it is just such a minor difference that you do not really notice.
Ikr especially seeing as previous games have a female model.
can you prematurely kill anri to get her armour?
You can just kill her/him anytime in the game.
Yes, but it makes you an ******.
After defeating Aldrich as a phantom for Anri , I went back to the shrine. I got the straight sword but the hag didn't have the armor. Can someone please help me out? As additional information , I wasn't able to tell Anri about Horace after killing him (when I got to Anri's waiting spot there was a prism stone). What do I do about this?
No worries,just go to the cathedral of the deep bonfire,and head to the location of the crest shield.Anri will be there,and she will be hostile,kill her and
Elite Knight set will be available for purchase from the hag
The most iconic (and also legendary) set is the godly Havel's Set
You should stop leveling dex, you casul.
You are objectively wrong. It is the Giants set with mask of the father. THE LEGEND NEVER DIES, not even to havelyn.
God***** those flippin havel moms and dad on 1.05
Three most iconic
1: giantdad
2 elite knight
3 Havel monster
Giants, Giants, and Giants.
Im on NG+1 doing the dark quest line I just did the last part involving her I only got her sword no armor so you only get armor for doing the Anor Londo end boss or killing her outside this quest line. I gotta wait till NG+2 to get her armor now =(
Yes you do, you get her sword from Ludleth of Courland for completing her quest, then have to hunt her down because she went hollow. As for the Sable Church of Londor you have to go back after the Dark Wedding and retrieve her sword, after that the shrine maiden sell her armour.
You are lucky, i will have to wait 'til NG+++