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can you get her armor set?
Where is she ?
Old Anor Londo can search on youtube on how to get to her and join her convenant
When you went through the twisting tower to the Anor Londo Bonfire, turn back and go down stairs, there's a invisible path leads to another bonfire which she's sitting.
When I approached her wearing ornsteins full armor set I got a unique dialouge choice from her when choosing the talk option. I'm unsure of what it said because I skipped through what she was saying though. Something about being a crow or dragon.
The armor doesn't matter.
she was asking how you managed to get to her.
She refers to Gwyn and Gwynevere as father and sister .. she offers to join the darkmoon covenant, much like her "brother" before her .. it's she Gwyn's first child that we heard about but never knew who that was?
She's not the first child. The first child is in the game however, as a hidden boss.
I don't think so. Former descriptions were pretty clear on gender (although translation errors happened I kinda think she's something of a mental image Aldrich conjured.
Yes i know it read male, however, true that we might have a translation error? And what hidden boss are you referring to?
I believe he's referring to the Nameless King.
kinda like Priscilla...
If this go around truly is several thousand years later, and since i was only speculation that prescilla was gwynevere and seathe's daughter, it could be that prescilla was the offspring of gwyn's wife and seathe thus making it also possible due to her a bility to use monnlight magic in an incredibly powerful way that prescilla could have disguised herself as gwyn's wife during one of his re-awakenings, and tricked him into having a child with her in order to spite him by having him create a representation of everything he hates with such a burning passion, thus making her a legitimate child of gwyn and giving her similar features to prescilla, allowing her to make all of the claims she has, after all it would be just like Miyazaki to guve every dharacter an even darker story than the sum of those who created them, although this is only speculation on my part and we may never find out due to the painted world being innaccessable to us, but tha may come soon in the form of a DLC, and if this is the last souls game like everyone thinks it might be, I am willing to bet that there will be plenty of those, especially since it takes less time, money and resources to make DLC than it does a full blown game.
Okay explanation time for some things. is right, Priscilla has been living in the Painted World since she was a little girl, she never intentionally wanted to leave as she took the spot as the guardian of Ariamis and it's inhabitants.
Priscilla is completly oblivious to the outside world, only knowing that it DOES exist, however she never left which makes all she does oddly cute in a way (such as having pink Toenails which is more of a fun fact than actual lore tho)
Ariamis was kind of a trashbin for everything that was dangerous to the Gods and their power (Priscilla due to her Lifehunt Ability and anything related to Occult such as the Pardoner's Set, Velka's Stuff and the Dark Ember) is right about Priscilla being a Optional Boss, that means that Dark Souls 3 CAN base on the fact that neither She or Gwyndolin were killed in the first game,

However you're wrong about the fact that Non-Optional Bosses returned in DkS2.
You're most likely hinting at the Old Dragonslayer / Ornstein. It was neither ever Confirmed that the Old Dragonslayer in DkS2 is Ornstein himself NOR that you actually fought the REAL Ornstein in Dark Souls 1.
For all we know everything in Dark Souls 1's Anor Londo were illusions created by Gwyndolin and only whatever remains AFTER he halts the illusions may be true. We do not know if Ornstein and Smough were actually real or Illusions created by Gwyndolin. As it's not possible to stop his illusions before fighting them.

How did Ornifex leave the Painted World?

Well let's start from the very beginning.
What do we know about the creation of the Painted World?
Who is Ariamis?
Maybe Ariamis is the Mother/Father of Priscilla.
Maybe Ariamis is simply the one who made the Painting.

If we're to assume Ariamis is the creator of the Painting, or even that Ariamis is both Priscilla's Parent AND the creator of the Painting.

Priscilla, in her Dying moments says
"Why could thou not let us be?
Didst thou not see why Ariamis created this world?"

it does not imply if the World itself was created by Ariamis or if Ariamis created a painting that was to depict a save harbor for Unwanted beings.

Assuming that Ariamis only created the Painting and someone else made it an actual world, namely a young Abnomination with powerful Magic...

In short, let's assume that a young Priscilla, scared of being killed and with no place to go hugged a Peculiar Doll and was drawn into the Painting
Creating what became the Painted World of Ariamis, this also explains why Priscilla became kind of the Chief of a World she appearently got drawn into,
It's only logical that her own Creation would favour her. eventually she protected the World in a way that only special being could enter.
Namely herself and anything that had a connection to her, assuming this was later in the Timeline it still gave the Gods the ability to throw in the stuff you find of Velka.
The Peculiar Doll could've found it's way to the Undead Asylum in two ways.
1) Priscilla was drawn into the world WITHOUT the Doll. the Description only mentions her clutching it tightly but that can stop when you're suddenly drawn into a painting.
2) Priscilla (accidently) dropped the Doll down the plank before she knew it was a way out.

In both Instances multiple things can have happened after. The Gods or whoever could've found the Doll, know it belonged to Priscilla and then put it as far away as possible.
It's easy just putting something onto an Undead when you throw them in an Asylum. Especially since the Doll isn't there at the start which means it has to make it's way there AFTER the Chosen undead Leaves the Asylum. A point where Priscilla already is trapped in the Painted World and Gwyn was already in the Kiln.

Now Priscilla protected the Painted World so nobody would distrub their Peace. There's no way she would've wanted to leave ever but surely also didn't want to restrict others from Leaving.
A Being so mistreated like Priscilla who finally found peace and a place to be, who knows how it is to be at a place you don't like.
A being like her would not want others to feel the same way.
Thus allowing Ornifex, a Crow-Demon, to leave.
Nowhere it is said that to leave the Painted World you had to be Undead or Human. Everything probably can leave the Painted World as long as Priscilla allows it.
If you however Piss off Priscilla you may not leave, this means the ability to leave is tied to her.
Being able to leave after killing her may need more explanation but is simply a Game Mechanic as they wouldn't want you to be trapped in Ariamis forever ;3
Much like Gwyndolin's Illusions presisting till you kill Gwynevere, even if you choose to fight Gwyndolin prior to Ornstein and Smough.
I don't think she is the daughter of Priscilla. She may be another daughter of Seath. She has one thing that Priscilla didn't. Tentacles. (They are on her head) Priscilla didn't have tentacles.
And for all we know, All of these back stories could be wrong, or all of them could be a piece of the story, and since the only god we know to have had his wits about him when the chosen indead was released from the asylum was gwyndolin, I can safely say that he was likely the one who put the doll there if it was not prescilla herself, which kinda rules out the theory that this is prescilla unless there was a note inside that we could not have ever found, or some kind of spell placed on that doll so that when it was removed from the painted world, all of her memories were taken with it.
I have a counter arguement to the statment above, prescilla was an optional boss, and a number of bosses, both optional and not, made return appearances in ds2 in different forms, even if not directly stated to have done so, and for the arguement that prescilla could not have escaped the painted world, expalin how an ornifex managed to leave whilst possessing, to our knowledge, no magical ability and prescilla, being an extremely powerful and intelligent being, would be unable to do exactly that, asside from that, it is prescilla's own doll that allows passage into the world in which she resides, so it may have been incorrect of us to assume for all this time that she was in the painted world against her will, and that she simply did not create the magic barrier protecting it to keep those who would seek to take her life, such as Gwyn, out by hiding the only token of entry in the least likely of places.
Instead of simply downvoting a well consturcted idea, why don't you create a reasonable aguement to fight for your point of view as it takes bigger balls to try to share your opinion and ideas with the world than it does to attempt to simply give negative feedback on someone else's ideas, so please, if you feel I am entirely wrong in every way, shape, form, and possibility, then explain your reasoning rather than simply down voting my comment about my ideas for the possible backstory of a character shrouded in mistery.
Who ever said that Velka wasn't around? It's assumed that Velka was still there all along, in the form of the Big crow that transports you between the Asylum and Firelink Shrine.

The Old One Souls were explained in SotFS and there's more implying there.
The souls always get scattered again so that the next Chosen Undead / Bearer of the Curse can repeat what the previous managed.
The Old Iron King found the Soul of the First Sinner and Lord of Cinder Gwyn.
It's not sure if the Lost Sinner has only found the Witch's soul or is the Witch in general, but she has two Pyromancers with her in NG+
The Old Paledrake Soul, the Duke was obviously insane, creating beings like Tark and toying with Life, something Seath already did, it's possible the influence of Seath's soul has made the Duke go insane.
Also The Duke's Dear Freyja is the ONLY Boss in the game requiring you to investigate below the Petrified Dragon to obtain the "Great Soul Embraced" message. implying that you're getting the soul from the Petrified Dragon NOT Freyja. Given that Freyja's Boss Room is a Cave you need to descend to.... anyone else thing it may be the Crystal Cave?
Lastly the Old Dead one soul, there's not much lore implying on the Rotten at all but his area features Poison and Miasma.... something that was attributed to Nito who released a Miasma to weaken the Dragons when the Lords fought the Ancient Dragons.
"Mummyfied Sif", that thing is just a Moveset-Replica of Sif, if we're to assume that Freyja's Arena is the Crystal cave and that the Gutter is where the Catacombs used to be, then from a geographical standpoint the Doors of Pharos can NOT be Oolacile/Darkroot Forest.
i think it's much like other bosses show the moveset of some DkS1 bosses as much as some DkS1 Bosses show hints of DeS Bosses.
It's just Move-Set Copypasta, he's even called "Royal Rat Authority" implying it's in fact just an oversized Rat and not a Dog save a Wolf.
Priscilla's * life that it resonated with his own and how his father mistreated him, so he saved his niece and gave her a new life, where her father is a hero Gwyn, and not the god who betrayed them.
Priscilla had the ability of Lifehunt, an ability that can even kill gods.
It is far more likely that she was banished to the painted world for posessing such a power and not "having an affair with gwyn".
While I can't actually tell a lot about her lore yet, I don't think Priscilla either tricked Gwyn by disguising herself nor that she had an affair with either.
And since we were asked for arguments why so;
Priscilla has been living in the Painted world for almost her entire life if I'm not mistaken.
Her even having such ideas after, somehow, fleeing from the Painted world, is unlikely given how pure she actually seems to be when we talk to her.
Also, if she actually did escape from there and did want revenge on someone that locked her up in there, I think she'd straight out try to kill them. (Reminder, she posesses the ability of Lifehunt. Something gods fear because it's so powerful that it can damage and kill gods.)
And my final and most argument;
We can kill Priscilla, since she is a boss-type enemy.
No boss that has been killed has been around a second time. I doubt they would suddenly start and make dead characters have a child.
Lol why are people so quick to jump the gun when it comes to lore. At least wait until the dlc drops dude
I think it makes more sense that this character IS Priscilla, i mean she doesn't seem to know where she is from, and Gwyndolin has always known about Priscilla, who was a child of Dragon and God, an abomination. There is only one god who struck a cord with the dragons, and he was annulled from history, stripped of his godhood, and the product of their union was Priscilla, that god being the nameless king (Gwyn's Firstborn) and a dragon. Gwyndolin seems to have saved her from the painted world, perhaps loosing her memories of her unpleasant upbringing when she came to the real world, or perhaps Gwyndolin erased them, to spare her from her past, why else would he name her? Why else would he save her? And why would he dream of her in his last moments? I think its because of the way he saw the mistreatment in Priscilla's
Do you see how much better and progressive it is to create counter arguements instead of simply down voting a comment due to it not dollowing your own ideology in a game like this where everything is open for interpretation as far as the lore goes. If I had never asked for counter arguemants, half of these responses would not exist, and at no point did I ever state that I was one hundred percent accurate or claim to be "god" I never even used wording that would attempt to cement itself as fact, you need to work on your reading comprehension skills because the word 'if' is a pretty powerful thing in seprating the idea of fact from the idea of speculation.
Oh, and I was not making reference to old dragon slayer from ds2 I was speaking of the reincarnated souls of the lords from ds1 in the four main bosses of ds2 such as the soul of the old king, pale drake soul, old whitch soul, and old dead one soul, as well as the mummyfied sif who was an optional rat cov boss because the ornstien you fight in ds1 and the old dragon slayer in ds2 are both illusions, granted one is much less stable and powerful than the original as well as being slightly corrupted by the passage of time
Also on top for the Lost Sinner.

It seems that the Chaos Bugs survived as one is seen digging into the Lost Sinner's Eye
I get the feeling that Yorshka is actually the daughter of Gwyn and Priscilla. Think about it like this. The daughter of Velka and Seath (the theory of Priscilla's parentage that I subscribe to) and Gwyn ended up having an affair, and Gwyn ended up getting her pregnant. He couldn't let anyone find out, so he had Priscilla locked away in the painted world so his secret would remain a secret.
And secondly your "well constructed argument" is nothing more than speculation. You're not God.
In dialogue she tells you she is the daughter of gwyndolin - I'm not sure but I think you need rank 1 in the covenant (10 tokens)
Really? Because she tells me that Gwyndolin is her brother, Gwynevere is her sister, and Gwyn as her father.
i'm really thinking the whole "Father Gwyn" "Brother Gwyndolin" "Sister Gwynevere" is because she doesn't know better,
Gwyn only had 3 Children and none of them were Yorshka, it's highly possible that Gwyndolin rescued her somehow and have her the name Yorshka and then calling her "sister", just to call each other "Sister" or "Brother" and such doesn't mean they're actually related in that way.
It's a bummer FromSoft / Miyazaki says this'll be the last Dark Souls, yet created more characters just to confuse players even more about them XD.

But yeah in Yorshka's case i think that she's actually somewhat adopted and this is why she refers to Gwyn and Gwynevere as "Father" and "Sister"
Gwyn is her father and Gwyndolin doesn't have children.



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Don't forget that she basically echoes Gwyndolins own speech from DS1 when he welcomes you into the Darkmoon covenant. He also says "Father Gwyn and Sister Gwynevere", meant much more literally with him.
Yorshka herself says that she doesn't know much of anything in the world, pretty much only what Gwyndolin told her. So her repeating the names and titles might not be meant literally, she just echoes her brothers speech, like a tradition.
Personally, I think she is either his maternal halfsister (and so not related to Gwyn at all) or maybe niece, ward or other relation, and he simply adopted her as his full sister. Possibly to give her more legitimacy and claim as his heir.
Best Girl?
Best Girl by far!
Best Girl.
what's up with her skinny-ass arms? i don't remember Priscilla having atrophied arms
she hasn't gotten to use pump them up by swinging around a giant *** scythe with stupid broken hitboxes yet
She is apparently stuck in that tower forever, so I guess she doesn't get much exercise...
Wait Height? Priscilla is bigger than Yorshka XD the only common things i see at them are their tail and that both have pink Toenails.
Yorshka is smaller than Priscilla and Yorshka has pointy ears when Priscilla had normal ones.