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By Anonymous
So THAT explain the "tits" ! X'DJoke aside, I don't really see the use... except for "fashion soul" build, maybe... Can someone explain it a bit deeper, please ?
By Anonymous
Maybe... maybe it does have an impact with the NPCs ? Minor spoiler, nothing to be worry... I know there is one guy... that can be a girl, in fonction of your own gender : becoming a Male when you're girl, and the opposite. That might be some kind of trick ? ... maybe ?
By Anonymous
Neither I do. To be honest, I don't really see its use even in "fashion souls"... I mean, what's the fashion in a male acting like a female? And what is "acting like a female"? The walk? The voice? Cause I don't see much differences between a male character and a female one, in terms of acting...
By Anonymous
SPOILERmost likely the item allows for same sex interactions or exploring gender specific responses from npcs as well as influence the 3rd ending quest path/SpoilerBut maybe this item also has something to do with unlocking the gender specific pyromancies through different means? (Not the female trainer). That would be interesting.
By Anonymous
Putting the ring doesn't change your sex, just your walking animation.
By Anonymous
What are those "female actions" a male character can't do? Maybe the walk animation? The voice?
By Anonymous
It is just stuff like walk animations the voice doesn't change.
By kyori
So you mean each gender has some special movesets that the other gender doesn't have?
By Anonymous
Gestures,walk confirmed voice ?
By Anonymous
I used this with my male strength build when I first found it and males stick their elbows in towards their torso and sway their hips when they walk. It was kind of funny watching some huge muscly buff dude walking like a chick.
By Anonymous
Anris gender is always the opposit of the PC so does this may have any effect on Him/Her ????
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Why not?
By Anonymous
It doesn't SWAP your gender. It merely makes you perform actions of the opposite gender - the only action being the idle stance and the walking animation. So, no.
By Anonymous
This is definitely going to be one of my favorite rings! :3
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By oedalis
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I think it's really cool too! But I'm sure most players will dub it useless.
By cbfatm
From what I can tell the 'male' stance is slightly hunched over, elbows bent, legs further apart - compared to the 'female' stance which has a straighter back, straighter arms, and legs closer together. It's subtle.And also for some reason, 'male' footsteps are louder. Unsure if it affects gestures.
By Anonymous
I love how this ring is a full reference to Dark Sun Gwyndolin.
By Anonymous
It is Dark Sun.Regardless, it's not a reference, it's an intended part of the lore.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He wanted Gwyndolin to be more like a man, but give this to Gwyndolin in his Birthday XD
By Anonymous
gwyndolin is the darkmoon covenant guy in ds1, they wanted him to be a her, that's why they treated him as a girl and gave him this ring, get your lore straight before posting dumb comments, you with your fancy ip adress
By Anonymous
Lol, yeah. I can imagine it might have been a prank. Like, maybe Ornstein gave it to him, saying that's like +10 Ring of Manliness. "Oh, thank you very much, kind sir!" Gwyndolin wears it everyday, thinking it will make him manlier, but it really just turns him into a sullen brooding goddess.
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