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By Anonymous
Oh man those kidney stones huh?
By Anonymous
Oh don't even remind me...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Would this spell be effective vs shield hidding foes? Heave boulders at them as they hide behind their shield and topple their stamina?
By Anonymous
I guess effective against enemies with high melee block shields, Never found a problem with throwing fire orbs instead and they don't leave you vounrable for an hour.
By Anonymous
"Spews a boulder from one's mouth" more like "Vomit your insides at your opponent's face!"
By Anonymous
So the I'm using the boulder heave and i realise something, you can spam it and there is bugger all anyone can do about it, if it's one on one, once that person is hit once, they fall, you use it again, then fall before they get up, gonna not use like that, but thought you guys should know, be wary of boulder heave
By Anonymous
then there's that guy who can press dodge on time.
By Anonymous
I've never had much of a problem dodging out of the way to avoid the second boulder. Mind you, it does force your opponents hand, so it's still a very spam heavy attack.
By Anonymous
The boulder heave can be used against the Abyss Watchers with an amusing result. It'll lay the boss flat on his back, no matter when it hits the boss. It is brilliant and should be used by any Pyromancer, with caution in mind. The casting time is horrendous.
By Anonymous
Ha, I used it for Abyss Watchers as well, worked like a charm.
By Anonymous
This may seem obvious because it's a freaking boulder but I haven't seen it noted anywhere and it's worth saying, this pyromancy deals physical damage instead of fire, and will be blocked entirely by 100% physical block shields (with hefty stamina damage). I haven't tested if it's specifically strike damage, but it wouldn't be surprising if it is.
By Anonymous
I'm sure that it also takes a huge amount of stamina to block then. So cast this, then kick their shield, then riposte.
By Anonymous
When I first acquired this I was a little underwhelmed but I have since found a use for it: Enemies under ladders, ledges, and cliffs stand no chance! Ever tried targeting enemies from a ledge and fallen and died because you just can't seem to see them? Just lob a boulder over the side and reap the rewards of the AOE damage. The best early example of the usefulness of this is for grinding souls from the big and small sewer rats right near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Just run to the ledge in the sewer and drop boulders. 450-500 souls per run and it can be done in about 15-20 seconds. Fast leveling early game.
By Anonymous
If youd just black crystal out, kinda makes this spell even more usefull. I hate invaders. All of em ganking cowards who jst backstab you while your fighting mobs or hide behind them
By Anonymous
trying hard to make it any sort of useful, if you'd throw boulders on me in pvp when climbing ladder, i'd just black crystal out.
By Anonymous
450-500 souls in 20 secs is cool and all, but grinding that early on mobs that really don't drop anything good is kind of a waste- better to wait till later to grind on mobs that actually matter
By Anonymous
I came to the same conclusion, its best used as a "surprise" finisher when fighting on ladders, mostly in pvp, but there are some pve encounters like being invaded by pve phantoms. Just run away and find a ladder, climb to the top, and drop a boulder ontop of them, they take initial damage from the boulder itself, then fall damage when they lose stamina and fall into the pit. The effects are even more rewarding in pvp, as its a unorthodox method, with no direct counter, once you are on that ladder and there is a large rock coming to your face, there is no way to escape.
By Anonymous
it will be useful in smouldering lake, on first play through, you get much better dark pyromancies later on.
By Anonymous
works from the nest in firelink shrine to its bonfire, the highest i could think of, so much further than one can drops. pyro plunging attack. & the damages don't increase with the length of the fall.
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