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so basically the japanese ogres ?
Oni are Japanese demons.
Oni means demon.
Oni are often depicted as large, brutal humanoids and often translated as ogres. So yes.
Youkai - evil spirit, twisted demon (like floating head or pinwhil).
Akuma - normal size demon, can be a lil bigger than human. Can be beast like.
Oni - huge, brutal and powerfull demons. Can be smart and dumb.
Oni weren't always huge brutes,before Buddhism (or a different religion) the oni were like shadows in the mist that hid themselves and caused natural disasters and awful things that could be blamed on bad luck.Akuma are like devils or malevolent fire spirits.
Alonne greatbow?
It is. Alonne is also from the East, so it makes sense for it to be an Onislayer.

Not very good for pve compared to using pharis or longbow, the arrows cost too much. I could do the same damage (500 for a +5 onislayer) with a +10 pharis in two hits and still have a lot of stamina left. It's probably really fun in invasions where you can use the puncturing arts to decimate everyone as a purple.
Since when did video games become about optimizing every little stat and number and not about fun? Spamming arrows may be "cost effective" but sniping with spears is way more "fun" ;)



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But it has that sweet, sweeeeet knockback though.
But so satisfying when you send those silver knights using dragon slayer off their ledges though. Also pretty ok against some humanoid enemies like invasion NPC, as you can actually just keep knocking them down and stun lock them if you have fast stamina recovery and good range. It takes them a good while to stand up. Using them against normal mobs are just not economical.
Step 1: equip obscuring ring. Step 2: drop rubbish or dung pie near cliff. Step 3: shoot them from far enough away to be obscured. Step 4: listen to scream as they fall to their death.



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Needs to be renamed. Patches would kick.
Where do u farm or buy the greats arrows ???
You can send Greirat on his second expedition to get them. If he dies, his corpse is in the sewer near the Distant Manor bonfire. His ashes should allow you to buy great arrows from the shrine maiden.
Does this bow push enemy players over like the Dragonslayer Greatbow?
It does.
It depends on the type of arrow used. The dragonslayer arrows have knockbaxk, but the onislayer arrows dont.
Samurai are known to wield the katana usually, but they also practiced other kinds of weapons like the kanabo club, the naginata, the Yumi bow, and the flintlock musket if I recall correctly.

This greatbow greatly resembles a Yumi bow. Gonna add this to my samurai cosplay.
"Oh no, someone likes Samurai style... That's the worst thing ever, right guys? We have to berate him constantly until he joins us in the Dark Sword Meta!"

Seriously, some people are just silly *****s..
ignore these idiots all of you guys attacking him are just jealous that hes smarter then you
This is why no one likes the Dark Souls community. You're all salty pieces of crap.
Go back to Naruto online.
Already have, no need to visit Yoel anymore for free-levelling now.
Actually, the most interesting thing about Samurai is that they were some of the most well known archers from history. They were one of the few cultures who managed to fluidly combine archery with horseback and foot combat similar to the Mongols. Samurai armor designs reflect this aspect. They have very large wide pauldrons which are designed to give them wide protection from arrows without tying up their hand with a shield allowing them to be adequately shielded while using a bow.

Oh and liking samurai doesn't make you a weab. It makes you educated. Liking *****ing Naruto and anime makes you a weab.
Kill yourself, my man.
filthy weab
Filthy weeb, trash but gud and use dragon slayer with wood bolts.
Technically Samurai hardly ever used Katana in actual battles, Katana were used as personal protection weapons when at home. They were just weapons you carried with you through town and such in case an assassin popped up or a villager picked a fight with you (there's the infamous "kirisute gomen" meaning "authorization to kill" essentially, which meant that if a commoner was witnessed by the Samurai and one other as insulting him needlessly he had a right to kill him etc..) On actual battlefield warfare the Samurai were much more likely to use Spears and Bows more akin to tue Yumi (which this Onislayer is based on actually, notice the odd "backwards finger gripping" he does when pulling the string) There were records of occasional use of Nodachi (i.e. washing pole style huge two handed katana) that were specifically used so that a foot soldier had enough reach to pull an enemy cavalry unit off his horse from a safe distance, isually chopping off the horse's head or hooking the rider itself.
The game itself is Japanese how many ignorant dumbasses are gonna fail to realize this lol


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It's slow but ***** is it cool looking.

Thing's a Dragonslayer Greatbow for Dex builds. Its good. Load it with Dragonslayer Arrows, stay hidden, and become the gravity to gankers.