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By Anonymous
you can get the fire demon to kill the mimic for you, just get it real quick or it's gone forever lol
By Anonymous
this weapon is so ba d me hate dsi weapomnm
By Anonymous
The only katana in the game that is better used one handed due to the heavy attack being better than the two handed version
By Anonymous
Not really. 1 handed has great lunge, but 2 handed has an insane damage multiplier.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
the wiki says this thing can pancake people but after like 10 minutes of testing moves on drakeblood knights, not a single move fully charged could flatten someone.
By Anonymous
you have to fully charge your 2H r2
By Anonymous
Anon 11 oct - you have to read properly.
By Anonymous
18 strength, 40 dex, 30 luck

hollow infuse this blade and a caestus in your offhand and give the blade a dark buff for a nice little 530ar at sl125 ;)
By Anonymous
Damn I am about to start a similar build lol les go
By Anonymous
I'm missing the PKCS Guy on this page. Either I didn't see him or he forgot about this weapon.
By Anonymous
It's actually a quality weapon. Katanas are usually for dex-oriented builds, but this one is an exception
By Anonymous
Am i crazy or this is the only katana can break guard with only 3 hits
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