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Keep in mind that when you roll in to someone with weapon skill Perserverance on, you'll be put into bounce animation.
Same for the Old Demon King boss fight.
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Do Sacred Oath and the banner buff increase the roll damage?
Would be better if it also caused bleed damage
tbh it makes no sense when all his other gear does bleed damage. should have a full set bleed damage of 25-35 bleed.
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I've been playing ds3 since it came out. With my new character it's glitched out and the armor won't spawn. I use these gauntlets on every melee PvP build I have so i know I'm not doing anything wrong. Would there happen to be a good Samaritan willing to donate some dandy handy's to yours truly?
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I hate when pvp'ers use this armor and just keep rolling into you as a substitute for actually fighting.
it does ONE DAMAGE per piece
ToD users eternally salty.
Eh, it's their own damn fault. Having atleast one piece of this armor set in inventory ready to be swapped in has been a thing before when running into people in dark souls one who thought they were too cool for poise. Literally could stun lock people with it if they didnt have atleast 1 point of poise.
so do you need to not kill kirk? i got him to kill me then i killed him and made it to rosaria's and it wasn't there (didn't kill deacons BTW)



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You must kill Kirk to get his armor set. NOT killing him will not get the set. Then, if you kill Deacons of the Deep, the opportunity to get the set will be lost until next game cycle. Kill Kirk, go to Rosaria's Bedchamber, and the armor set will be on a corpse on the right side of the room (facing Rosaria) near the gate in the back near Rosaria. If the set doesn't appear, try warping to Firelink Shrine and then back to Rosaria's bedchamber.