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So how is the rolling damage scaling? I saw someone take down a boss just by rolling at them wearing full set and no weapon.
Will wearing this armor in Firelink damage NPCs?
Yes, this armor will absolutely damage NPCs if you roll into them.


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Can someone test for me if using quickstep while wearing this armor does damage as if rolling? I cant get it (beaten the boss before being invaded by him) and cant test it. Thank you.


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i am doing like 50 roll damage per hit on estimate
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So I killed him and I have his sword to prob it but I can't find the armor anywhere
Same here
when you roll into "big" enemies like giants or cathedral knights ( i have tested these 2 ) u get staggered urself. probably bug
It's not even big enemies. I'm getting staggered by anything with a shield up. First time this happened i was like wtf? When I realized the problem I went to test this against the spear/shield hollows outside Vordt's. Even they blocked my roll!
This set is hilarious, just roll and hit someone over and over again. Imagine combining it with the carthus blood and milk rings .
i never got invaded? and i didn't get invited by the guy in the forrest but his drops appeared by killing a slug guy by rosaria. is there any way of getting this again?
Just in case you did'nt, make sure you are kindeled