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My favorite Invader from DS1!!!
Where could this be?
I need meh fashion!
Basically you need to be in ember form and get invaded by Kirk in the Cathedral of the Deep in the murky water part. Then just before the boss fight of the deep there will be an elevator taking you up.
*This elevator takes you upstairs with a giant door that leads back outside*
Go straight and there will be stairs going down and you'll probably see a guy in Catarina armor.
I killed him since he's really Patches and was going to lower the bridge that you need.
So kill Patches (or else you'd have to find another way) and go straight on the bridge gate.
Careful there will be slugs and once you vanquish them all you'll be at a broken gate with a door to be opened behind it.
Past that is the covenant Rosaria's Fingers and next to the bonfire should be the armor. (Might have to reload the area)
found here
yea... what? Nope, it's only a friggin showcase.



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He said thats where to find "Armor Stats"..... as per the subject of his comment :P
Maybe a stupid question but is there a Kirk shield as well? I'm already rocking the armor set and the blade of thorns, but so far I'm still using grass crest shield (force of habit I guess). So is there a Kirk shield to complete the look? Or any other badass shields that I can switch out grass crest for?
I got the shield and sword after killing him
Yeah the spiked shield is Kirk's shield
I still don't think he's actually a bad guy like the descriptions always make him out to be. No doubt he was crushiing on the spider girl in DS1, probably crushing on Rosaria now.
Kirk clearly has a monster girl fetish.
Nope. I reloaded the area several times, still not working. Is this a bug?
The murky area is the one deeper into the chapel, the one with all the Drang armor scattered about. Kirk invaded once I reload the area and embered.
Are you embered?
So if you die to him will he not invade again? I take it if you beat the boss you are completely out of luck then?
If you beat the boss you're SOL.
If you die, he'll just keep invading you until you kill him, but you have to pop an ember.
Does anyone know 100% if the rolling does or doesn't cause bleeding?