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Dark moon chamber
i cant summon friends or helpful phantoms.
Good. Git gud
Fire up and ember. Pass right
How do i get 3 people in my game because everytime i try to summon 1 person it gets rid of the other summon sign
Dried fingers allows you to summon a 3rd, although you will be more frequently invaded.
There are certain places that you can only summon 1 phantom, like anor londo or farron keep. Idk all of tgem but you dont beed to use a dried fonger unless you want to summon 3 phantoms, not two.
I would like to know where in the game will the new dlc go so when u get to it u can access it
I'm thinking that it will have to be after defeating the last boss, one should be able to access it. Just don't go new game plus. That is my theory.
Dark souls 3 is an amazing game.
does anyone know if they are going to remake dark souls 1 on ps4?????
They won't remake it for the ps4. They are working on a brand new game said to be a spiritual successor to dark souls.
I heard that a DS1 remake would be a big undertaking because it I believe right now DS1 runs on directx9 and doesnt run as efficiently as some of the newer APIs. They would either have to try to improve the visuals/textures/framerates of the current version or do a complete new game with the same world, story, characters, etc. Either way would cost them money, and from what I've heard, it would cost them more to remake the game than they would receive in profit.

Again, this is just what I've heard. I would love to see a remake myself, but I'm not holding my breathe.

Please feel free to add to what I've said or correct me.

They are making it. Look it up
Everyone is talking about how "hard" this game is. Let me tell you this. It's not about beeing hard. It's about challenge and overcome this challenge. Adepting to new situations. DS3 beeing a "hard game" always sounds like its "frustrating difficult" level. But thats not Dark Souls. You'll always have alternatives you can discover or new strategies that will make it easier and easier for you until you fly through each area blindly. It's not Sonic the Hedgehog were you even after 100h cannot speedrun through the first level because of its broken gameplay. Dark Souls wants to make a better player out of you. That is its main agenda and that is what makes this series great.
Guys I need help Because how I can change the move set of a critical hit (a front stab I mean)


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Equip a hornet ring.