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Does anyone know where to find her?
The prison
What happens when it gets to severe
you look like beef jerky. lol
You look super *****ing ugly
I'm on Xbox one and I can't receive calibrations for the game at all. Is anyone else having this problem?
You probably have an ethernet cable plugged in. So unplug it and go wireless. I had the same issue.
How do ilogin cuz my internet working
Put your network to wireless
Where is a good place to farm titanite chunks
Archdragon keep. You also find umbrall ash there which allows you to buy chunks and scales


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The Ringed City DLC has a treasure trove of chunks. They drop from a lot of enemies and can find on corpses throughout.
Here's how to fix the calibrations. You need to be on update and version 1.03. If, for whatever reason, you are on 1.02, hard reset your system and it should find the update. If you are on 1.03, you need to quot out of Dark Souls 3, start the installation of one game, and then start Dark Souls 3 back up. It should find the calibrations. Just don't forget to pause( not cancel as you you'll have to redo this process every time you want to play online for now) the installation so you don't have slow connection!
illusory wall ahead
Try thrusting, but hole.
can we get a page for patches please?