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Was hoping for a bit of variety in here, but should've known.


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There's a dark flame hand, has some special abilities as well.
Yea, like the fans the desert sorceresses had in DS2.
As described by the guy who sells pyromancies, there are more flames than just the normal one.
there is at least one flame that casts pyromancies and miracles both.
How would they implement a flame that also casts and law wise...
Otherwise what's the point of adding a new elemental type if
nothing can cst it?



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Its like torches in DS2 it was added but not implemented enough
Frost is not a new element, it's a new status effect.
Cyro spells are considered Magic. So get your Magik Stick.



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Tbh, I always felt the lack of elemental frost spells in DkS kinda.....underwelming, basically because is my favourite element in any rpg. This time around makes more sense, while in the previous ones didn't (I mean, ice has greater role, lore wise, in DkS3, while the previous ones were all about fire and lightning, basically). It would be *****ing awesome, though, to have Cryomancy opposed to Pyromancy, but I guess we will never see it, unfortunately
They could have done so much with it. Could have had you save an old Irithyllian, who would have disagreements with Cornyx. Would a been great.
Would kill smough and ornstien naked for a dark flame hand, doesnt have to change up spells much, just add a dark combustion weapon skill.



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dark pyromancies exist in game, and they deal dark damage.
Check out Karla with her black flame orbs and whatnot
it appears in the games code with combustion as an ability but is unused, they might be saveing it for dlc or it might just be cut for good, there is also another flame unused that has more damage the closer you are
Why u no cryomancy
Every character can use cryomancy innately. This game makes everybody cry.
The White Hair Talisman can also cast pyromancies (alongside Miracles)
The only catch is that it does significantly less damage from pyromancies compared to the pyro flame.
And since it is called a talisman it's in the talismans not flames wow!
To July 10th, 2016:

Yet the White hair talisman can also cast pyromancies like a flame! Double wow!

Seriously, for ease of navigation purposes, would it hurt to put all dual catalyst in BOTH of their corresponding indexes? Like having the Immolation Tinder in both the Halberd AND Staff index?

...Just a thought.
Anyone know the Int/Wis softcap?
I don't know for sure, but I'd guess it's about 60. I've heard it may depend a little on your focus (the item you use to cast) and whether you're using pure casts or dark casts (darks use split stats so that might be 30 of each)
yeah either 40 or 60
40/40 is the hard cap for Pyromancies; 45/45 for Dark Sorceries/Dark Miracles; 60 FTH for miracles; 60 INT for Soul Sorceries.

For 45/45 Dark, use Izalith Staff and Caitha's Chime/Sunless Talisman; For 60 FTH Miracles, use Yorshkas/Canvas Talisman; For 60 INT Soul Sorceries, use Court Sorcerer Staff.

Hope it helps.
Is there no other flame? like a dark flame?
No, there is no black flame sadly.
No, and that's a good thing. Too many lame edgelord fake "fire" spells in this game.
What about the Dark Flame Yuria sells?
Dark Hand* Big diff lol
It's a hand to hand weapon, not a flame to cast pyromancies.
my friend also made this mistake .... he was all like 'she does not sell any fist weapons!!!!!

little did he know.
I can verify that the spell buff increases with the reinforcement of Talismans, Chimes, and other spellcasting gear, but how much it irises I cannot verify, nor which one has the best spell-buff endgame. Can someone testthese amounts for me and upload them? Can a column be added for spell buff to the talismans, chimes, catalysts' etc. upgrade tables?