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By Anonymous
This is finally a usable weapon, not just a thing we get to look at while resting at a bonfire
By Anonymous
love Firelink Greatsword is perfect
By Anonymous
If I had to choose between the Sunlight spear, and the Firelink Greatsword...
By Anonymous
dont worry, bruv. you can get it from the sunbros too.
By Anonymous
Never mind the double-tard here saying you can get it from sunbros too, the sunbros give lightning, not sunlight.
By Anonymous
Depend on your built. Really. or just go into NG+ to get both.
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By FiveScissors475
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You can literally use this as an SL1 Deprived, what the hell From?
By Anonymous
str ring, would make 2 handing at sl1 possible...
By Anonymous
Good luck beating the game at SL1; If you can do that, then you deserve to have the weapon. Of course, if you're that good, then you'd probably have better gear/equipment/strategies for dealing with enemies at that point anyway.
By Skulliron
yeah but you got to beat the game to get it unless your a criminal so its like a reward for sl1 runs when you think about it you know my dude
By Anonymous
Of course you can! SL1 Deprived runs have also linked the fire.
By TheFallenApprentice
Yeah!! Knight ring +5 STR, so u will have 15 STR, and you can use it.. I think that is pretty ok because Deprived CAN link the fire. However, you won't get the FTH damage Bonus .. also this looks closer to Storm Ruler from Demon's Souls than the actual Storm Ruler in DS3 haha!
By Squeaky245
Was this comment made on the wrong page or is there a joke I'm missing?
By Anonymous
No you can't. Two handing gives you a 1.5 strength multiplier, not 2.
By Anonymous
Needs some help here. Trying to make build using this weapon and pyro. Question is, does it scale better when putting points into faith and int or with strength and dex?
By Anonymous
With 20/20 Str and Dex and 30/30 Faith and Int, AND Fire Clutch Ring, it has an AR at around 440 Damage, and when buffed it is +500 AR. I had to sacrifice Vig/End/Vit to attain, and I'm at level 120. I decided to use the Ring of Favor over the Prisoners Ring to makeup for this, since Prisoners Ring I was taking way too much extra damage IMO.It's a pve friendly build, I use a couple of Pyromancy's along with the sword. The main feature being that it's Weapon Skill can knock down enemies pretty hard. As for pvp...I've killed people, but that's mostly due to the amount of damage my Pyro does with Swamp/Witch ring equipped. Whatever you do don't use the weapon art unless they are coming at you down a hallway. It leaves you wide open for counter attack as the animation is slow.Like Swordspear, it would be really good if the buff lasted more than a few seconds.
By Anonymous
It doesn't say it scales with int and faith.
By Anonymous
Neither the base fire damage, the weapon art damage, nor the buff damage scale with Faith and Int. I tested this myself. However, I did not test it with the Fire Clutch Ring.
By Anonymous
Lorians greatsword seems better
By Anonymous
Lorian's Greatsword is actually an Ultra Greatsword, where as this is not.
By Anonymous
Profaned ugs is way better than lorian's and they both are ugs. This is a greatsword.
By DennisKtGamerGR_
Why the hell does this weapon not have a Int/Fth scaling? It should have one, Thus the fire damage. Ugh.
By Anonymous
It should actually be a jack of all trades specialty. It is supposed to be a weapon that reflects all the skills of previous Lords of Cinder. It would have been interesting if they made it scale of your lowest stat, with massive tradeoffs being the whole point of the weapons.
By Anonymous
man that would just incite those mundane builds from DKS2 again XD
By Anonymous
It adds 80 atk dmg
By Redmoon383
Anyone else confused and slightly annoyed that this sword happens to be a greatsword even throuh the bonfire swords look closer to straight swords? I get that the coiled sword was a greatsword sized blade and all, but it would've made more sense to make it a straight sword. Beck maybe even add a choice to make a straight sword or a greatsword. I'm just peeved that like almost every boss weapon, it's a greatsword/great weapon and thus pointless for my builds :/ and again, the sword looks like a one hander in the fires :/
By Anonymous
yea not a fan of how almost every boss souls weapon is a GS, guess it more proof that your character is a hobbit, your always shorter than every NPC in the game XD
By Anonymous
It scales D in Strength and Dexterity making it fine for any build.
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