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By Anonymous
Someone did this weapon art from the very edge of my lockon range and I was still able to get the backstab

Why from
By Anonymous
I think this weapon could use a few buffs but what i think the wpn art should be is like warmth spell or somthing of the like seings how its the COILED SWORD FOUND IN BONFIRES. seriusly could have ben a real nice weapon for both suport and fighting, although the wpn can knock peaple of cliffs and is satisying to wach bye the way, its still a decent choice, and can be used at sl 1
By Anonymous
Just speed up the weapon art and this will be so much better
By Anonymous
- Firekeeper, can I have lorian's greatsword?
- We have lorian's greatsword at the shrine.
- Lorian's greatsword at the shrine:
By Anonymous
Any firekeeper cosplayer weapon if anything.
By Anonymous
I wish it's weapon art would be it transforming into a catalyst or spear
By Anonymous
It should have had the Ringed Knight Straight Sword WA.

Let us do the 5 hit combo.
By Anonymous
its a great sword. the damage would be broken op.
By Anonymous
I don’t give two **** if it is good fashion souls
By Anonymous
actually quite good for sl1 depending on the boss, dragonslayer armour being a good example, bonus points as its R2s allow you to duck under his swings
By Anonymous
WA has really high hyper armor. Took two 2-handed claymore hits and still got the WA out. And outtraded them.
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