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Does she sell if you just kill Horace when you first meet him?
When he isn't hollow that is.
Yeah, she does
Currently using the helm + the leggings + drang armor + black iron gloves with dark sword and shield of want. Looks like a badass black knight with winter protection ( in irthyll right now)
You use the dark sword and the shield of want... your opinion is invalid
The helmet to this set, when equipped with the Sorcerers Robes, is worn hood up



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The assassins creed vibes are strong
It doesn't look like the handmaiden sells his armor if you kill him at firelink. She still sells anris stuff though
You're a monster!
I only use the helmet, gauntlets and leggings. Chestpiece looks a bit odd
Wear this set when armed with an Avelyn for a Battlefield 1 cosplay.


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How much VIT would you need for this set+halberd+Llewellyn to be able to fast roll?
21 with havel+3, 31 without it
This is insane. SIEGMEYER was based of Bazuso. Now they've pretty much directly put him into the game with VERY minor differences.
I didn't know battle of the Bulge happened in Dark souls 3.
it look like those germen full balistic plate armor from WW1