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I see this armor having huge reference from Beserk. Miyazaki's favourite. Anyone else?
Bazosa, if I remember correctly
It is VERY VERY heavily based on the armor of a character from berserk yes
I'm curious as to who this other child is, if horace managed to escape did this one escape too or did aldrich devour them?
Maybe the other child was and I, maybe that's why the two of them were traveling together and looking for Aldrich.
It's arni
Now we have 2 Bazuso-based armor sets.
This is almost an exact copy of it
>possibly implying that's a bad thing
No info?
You kill Horace
After you kill Horace the Hush the shrine maiden will sell it for 18,000 souls. Page has been updated to reflect this
pvp vids when
Pair these gauntlets with Lothric Knight set for an extra defensive look. I love the most about this set exept the Helm and the chest is a little too bubbled/wide .
I love the look of this set, pair it up with morning star and buckler, it almost make you look like a Steampunk robot. Or a BDSM creep if your mind is in the gutter...


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I know others have said it before about other sets, but this set is basically verbatem taken Bazuso. Like, it's exactly like it. even the description is like a tongue in cheek reference to Bazuso.

Man, can they just give Miyazaki the rights to a Berserk themed game already?
Wouldn't the winged knight set fit Bazuso better? The only problem would be the set's gauntlets, executioner's gauntlets would have to be used if cosplaying.
Winged knight is a little off than this set, but I see what You mean
I can't seem to buy the other two pieces of armour of Horace from the shrine handmaiden can you help
That makes no sense. If you could buy the first pieces, you could get the second ones. You probably just dont have the souls for it