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By Xyvyrianeth
after level 12, the amount of souls needed to level up can be expressed as y ≈ 0.02x³ + 3.06x² + 105.6x - 895, where y is the number of souls needed and x is the desired level. For levels 2-12, it's about a 2.5% increase per level from the previous level starting with 673 souls for level 2.
By Xyvyrianeth
someone should remove the table and insert a little calculator that gets the number of souls needed for whatever number you enter into a little box
By Anonymous
The percentage increase in level is actually an average of 2.3262 % but only until level 13, at which point the percentage jumps to about 22%, and then receives diminishing returns, i.e. level 14 is a 19% increase in souls etc. etc. It is not a linear diminishing returns, but rather logarithmic, as if you were to allow this sequence to run ad infinitum, it would approach about 5% soul increase (but never actually reach exactly 5).
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
How to level up fast
(no cheats required)
-Go to a bonfire
-Navigate the submenus really fast and warp to Firelink Shrine
-Go to the Firekeeper at full sprint in order to not waste precious time
-Skip dialogue and select the leveling option
-Take nourishment from those sovereignless souls
By Anonymous
I wonder how many souls are required in total to get to max level, because the souls system in dark souls is, in my opinion at least, more confusing than even an exponential leveling system.
By Anonymous
2 Billion, 634 million
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Shield of Want, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3, and likely having several pluses appended to your NG.
By Anonymous
I think you can get about 600k to 1m souls an hour in some locations
By Anonymous
i get 300k every few minutes from the fatties in lothric
By Xyvyrianeth
get the Symbol of Avarice from an unfortunate mimic
By Anonymous
This is not 2.7% increase!

This is 0.38% increase....

If you simply divide level 730 souls by level 729 souls , that is , 9523801÷9487207 , you get 1.0038
By Anonymous
Um. Mate. You divide the bigger number by the smaller number.. This will give you the percentage of how many souls 9487207 out of 9523801 is. Which is 0.9961. So 99.61%
By Anonymous
It's the exact same answer either way you do it.
By Anonymous
Why does it stop at lvl 160 I can't find how much souls you need for lvl 802
By Anonymous
2 billion. 634 million
By Anonymous
I’ve heard somebody on ps4 playing 700 hour in a single character, grinding to play through 112 aka ng111 and reaching the maximum level.
By Anonymous
there are only 7 ng :/
By Anonymous
You can go past ng7 it just doesn't get any harder :/
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