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By Anonymous
I've never played souls games before but watched my friend play ... hurrrraayyy!!!!!
By Anonymous
95- 5513896- 56393
By Anonymous
97- 57665
By Anonymous
Any one know how many Souls it would take to get to the Max level from 1?
By Anonymous
That is most definitely wrong.
By Anonymous
Not sure. It will take a huge amount of souls. At level 355, required souls are already 1,326,871.
By Anonymous
Dafu Portalz, i got 2,634,188,463 with the tool
By Anonymous
2,634,163,943 Or somewhere close to that. If you work with someone to dupe soul stacks, namely 699 of the five best soul items each, it will take you roughly 34-35 transfers to get all the souls you need for max level
By Anonymous
This is incorrect for me. Levels 43-50 were all wrong
By Anonymous
If that formula is correct, it should take about 2.615.619.030 souls to get from level 1 to 802.2.6 BILLIONEven with the most efficient farming, this would take more than 300 hours. God *****.
By Anonymous
Looks like we're back to the Dark Souls 1 Formula, practically the same values. Which is a good Thing.
By Steve_tbh
It is a good thing because DS2 leveling was inflated and there were level 300s running around everywhere. Now it takes a hell of a grind to get to such an ungodly level. Like it should.
By Steve_tbh
Who are the idiots that downvoted this xD
By Anonymous
How is it a good thing?
By Anonymous
It's not correct any more, it showed souls from level x to y for given x before. Level 1 is missing now and level 184 still shows souls needed from 184 to 185.
By Anonymous
After spending over 200 hours into the game, I finally passed the level 400 threshold. Goodness, nearly 1,900,000 souls for each level now.
By Project_BL4Z3
Good job! But I'm already maxed out on everything. I hope you can get there! My username for the game is the same as my username for this site. I hope I can help in any way possible. Have a fun time!
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