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Has the blue version of the chest piece dropped for anyone? I've farmed the guy outside of the dancer's boss area for hours and nothing.
Also the tower shield the spear wielding version carries. Haven't seen it drop yet. Anyone else get it?
he drops the normal red cape
Farmed that knight for quite a while myself, didn't see chest drop at all. All other parts he dropped, and they were no different from ordinary ones.
Wondering the same thing! That f**ker is strong, too... He attacks almost non stop. You can parry of course, but if he hooks you, prepare to be stun locked. -.-
He dropped the red cape chest piece for me, but not the blue one. I got the leggings, the red chest piece, and his shield all from the second time I killed him... didn't drop anything the next 10-15x I killed him.
I kept farming that blue knight and he dropped a red cape chest piece, Also to the guy asking about the knight that has the tower shield yes he does drop the giant tower shield, it's very rare and when you do get it it's heavy as f*ck. Between the full armor set and the shield it's probably like 65 pounds in total which means you'll need Havel's ring to be able to use it effectively.
Hopefully he drops is chest and helmet. Good luck to you.
I haven't seen anyone, anywhere, wearing the blue version. Is it even a drop?
the great schield and spear have a same drop rate i farmed a few of them myself already
Anyone know the drop rate of this set yet
I picked up the legs, gautlents, shield, sword, crossbow, ember and even a titanite shard, but the armor chest and the helm I couldn't get it ;( I tried for almost 1 hour....
OK thanks
well i went knight and i farmed for about 30 mins to an hour for souls and i ended up with about 4 sets and i think the knight has the lowest luck so id say pretty common
The legs seem to have the worst drop rate been farming over an hour sitting at 5+ of all pieces.
My buddy had the same problem, but the legs were by far the most common drop for me.The helmet took considerably longer to get, but not enough that I'd say that any of the pieces had a different drop rate from the others. I'd put it down to ***** luck.
Depending on the stats of this armor, this'll probably be my main set
One of the best looking sets. Offers good protection too, but unless you put a lot of points into vit you will be fat rolling.
You dont need rolls while you can be shield god (pvp not included).
This should be listed???
Dropped Yet?
I got the boots off the knight by the dragon at the starting area

Got the full set (shield and sword included). Took about 1.5 hours farming the knight near Tower on the Wall bonfire. I have 9 luck.