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By Anonymous
this is my excalibur, the amount of lives this sword and I have taken in invasions, darkmoons, arena you name it is unfathomable, it's not the best gs damage wise but it's weapon arts (yes both!) make it godly in the right hands
By Anonymous
I'm reading that you can't trade the weapon but this is not true, so I'll explain exactly what happened to me and my friend to see if it was a location specific thing.
We finished everything, just left the lord of cinder and the ringed city dlc, we decided to go to the first boonfire in the ringed city in order for me to give the prince's soul to him, right outside the boonfire area in the ash. He could not see the soul I dropped, so I got it again and transmuted it to a weapon.
Then he couldn't see the weapon as well, and started walking near me and mashing the grab button, then HE WAS ABLE TO GRAB THE INVISIBLE NON TRANSFERABLE ITEM.
I was also able to give the Vordt mace to him and get it back.

So I don't know if it was a thing of world state, location or mashing. but yes, you CAN TRADE but the item will be invisible to the receiving player.
By Anonymous
This weapon is actually amazing. WA + R1 is super fast, and great for use when someone is close to you. They'll likely get hit, panic roll and you can easily roll catch with this thing. WA + R2 is less good, but pretty decent too. Damage is good on a 40/40/9/20 build too, it surpasse Splitleaf GS and is barely surpassed by Farron GS, although it's likely a bigger gap since this weapon has fire damage. Another thing is, no one every sees this weapon, so they won't except anything it does.
By Anonymous
yup, this and the gael greatsword are my favorites in the game, I always bring it in the arena even if I'm not primarily using it to finish off a near death player with the weapon art
By Anonymous
why is everyone whining about NG+. game is short as it is, its not that hard to speed run back up to the twins.
By Anonymous
the prince is the 2nd to end game boss lol, it's not hard but they're deep deep in the game
By Anonymous
I mean, you can get to twin princes by just going, iudyx > dancer > dragonslayer armour > twin princes. Not too hard to get to that point, the biggest nuisances about going into a NG+ cycle is unlocking bonfires like rosaria's bedchamber, pontiff sullyvhan, fulfilling the requirements for spears of the church and what not.
By Anonymous
You can't get to the princes without beating all of the previous Lords of Cinder, unless you have some way to get into the library.
By Anonymous
Who the f wants to replay a game? lmao. It's boring af to roam the same places.
By fizzy
anon 03 dec, one question real quick

By Anonymous
spicy claymore
By Anonymous
The hit box on the laser is ridiculous, fought a guy in undead match using this and he’d always finish me off using the laser even though I was way far away from the actual thing
By Anonymous
not really a laser hitbox problem but a latency problem instead
By Anonymous
its cus the WA is supposed to mimic lothric the youngers white crystal soul spear.
By Anonymous
That's just lag, genious
By Anonymous
Your dumb *** can’t even spell genius.
By Anonymous
I don't know man, Lorian's greatsword was better and had higher AR
By Anonymous
This one is faster and has a better weapon art for pvp. All while retaining a decent ar.
By Anonymous
Lorian's is an ultra greatsword so ofc it has higher AR
By Anonymous
"the Ultra Greatsword has a higher AR than the regular Greatsword"
Thank you, Captain Obvious.
By Anonymous
pkcs users are such nerds
By Anonymous
How dare you! :p
By Anonymous
should have had a poke attack because of how pointy the sword seems
By Anonymous
At least it has the stab riposte instead of the double spank animation that I’ve seen far too much of. I wish some of the smaller UGSs had the stab animation. I’d trade that animation with the scythe if I could.
By Anonymous
Limited testing but it seems like the hyper armor on the fire attack is almost, if not, instant. Pretty crazy trading potential
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