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I don't really like the ember effect all over your characters body. Mainly considering it's essentially the games "human" form, which you generally want to maintain, kind of makes it feel intrusive and forced. Here's hoping for an appearance toggle that doesn't take up a ring slot. Can't think of a better use for the option menu display settings.
Untrue ring of dark. Takes away phantom aura, no cinder marks on armor, and no ashes fly off of you.
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why would you want an appearance toggle? what's so bad about the ember effect? and the whole point of the rings is not for aesthetics, it's for tact use in pvp to disguise yourself as an invader and catch an opponent off guard.



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In the NA-PS4 version at least, both the name title assigned and the trophy call this form "Host of Embers".
WTH to do with that? there is no such a thing is Lord of Cinder mode because you're not a Lord of Cinder. It should be call Kindled form or Host of Embers because your normal form is Unkindled form.


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On what basis are you referring to this as lord of cinder mode? It is called Embered mode, and to my knowledge there is no reason to believe that using a common item like an ember makes you a lord of cinder. If lore cannot be cited here, the page and mode should be renamed Ember/Embered Mode.
Ember form... Like in past Souls games "human form" etc.
didn't think you could anon post, but it was cool finding out how embers work
also dont like that its called lord of cinder mode, please rename it.



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More like. As the description of the embers states that an unkindled could never achieve the flame that lay within a champion's bosom.


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Does anyone know where i can find the different types of ember icons?
I heard the more you progress the more that is revealed in the box, in the top left but i haven't had any luck finding any photos of what it looks like later.
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Different icons come from equipping different covenant items.