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Thanks for your contribution.
Dragon Men with faces...
This is *****ing gay
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Where is the enemy that wields this? I've been through the dungeon many times and I have yet to see an enemy that uses a spear in the dungeon.


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The weird lizard things with the man-face that cling to the walls in the cells. There's a whole room of them on the bottom floor. They make screeching noises and sometimes have a blue glow. Some drop dahgers, some drop spears.
the weird hunched up men with the small daggers. One of them does not even attack u
Should've used twinkling imo, not scales, but what can you do :/
They had to make it work with the lore of the irithil dungeon but ify man
On the Spear, it can be aimed with the camera, and passes through walls.
is this weapon worth the time to farm it?
took me like 5 minutes so why not
Only reason to use this thing is for its insane WA. The range on it is so far, I once pretended to aim for a host's phantom with it and in actuality tried to kill the host, who was hanging around far behind the guy trying to harass with firebombs. It proceeded to blow the guy away and explode the last bit of his healthbar, netting me a new pale tongue and an ember. Sheesh.

Otherwise, it doesn't exactly have the best AR since it can't be infused or buffed.
I'm trying to farm this weapon but I wanted to know do they drop it randomly or i must kill the one holding it
in my experience enemies will only drop the equipment they're using