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i cant handle the hype
Yes you can



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Then don't get hyped.

(The one reason why I'm glad vie never played the first game and only the second and now third, zero hyp.)
It's back baby
We need to go back!
The engaged and most dangerous species of dark souls has back : the black iron Tarkusaurus Wrecks !
Protect your soul from it, don't try to fight : run away !
And he drops the fume ultra great sword, extreme damage, protection, and cool lookingness, all in one, fear god
Bigger and badder... Reminds me of a DkS 2 sotfs invader on pc, he Was a good player
does anyone else realise they decreased the protection from armour in this game? This Set used to bolster 175 physical resistance not 32.1



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Different game uses different formulas for armor damage reduction
Not really, the numbers mean % of the damage in dark souls 3
The Armor Protection seem to work Different from the first part, the other sets like havels have hardly more ;-/
Different armies work differently while Tarkus armor may be resistant it doesn't have much absorption but havels has both
Where can i find this bad boy?
After killing him in COC as an invader, go to the "Demon Ruins" bonfire in smouldering lake, then make your way towards the giant avelyn, past the basilisks, and there is a hallways just before the bridge with the Black Knight, then you go down that and he will be waiting.
You don't have to kill the NPC I think, just go to the location
Killed the Knightslayer and got his ring but nothing else. Unless there's another encounter she's waiting for.....
There is another encounter.
Killed him got hus ring he wont invade me at the lake is there a way to make him
He invades you as a black phantom in the carthus catacombs if you are embered, and drops his ring on death there, but to get the FUGS, black iron shield and unlock his armor you have to kill his real self at smouldering lake, he is found near some lava down a side passage just after the room full of the curse gas spewing basilisks
if you lead knight slayer tsorig to the nearby black knight, and stay out of aggro range they begin to fight- the black knight generally kicks tsorig's ***.
Well, I tried that in ng+ and... tsorig OHKOed the BK!
that escaleted quickly...
Which is ironic, since he's a KNIGHT slayer. And the Black Knight is... Well, a knight.