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Hey does anyone still have his souls/weapon I want it really bad gamer tag XxViciousDoDoxX
*****ing normie
*****ing casul
Boi if you used the first boss' soul that's your bad, do it on a new character or next ng cycle buddy
Get it yourself, like everyone else does.
Looks nice but has an ugly snowy effect, would be great if that can be turned off.
works even better with frozen weapon i think from ashes of ariandel
You can't buff it nerd
Yes i meant to say snap freeze, the spell that is guarded by the trees behind the crabs.
RIP force buff snap freeze one hit one proc. Lowly times these are.
Frost weapon is the name you're looking for, snap freeze is the cloud.
This weapon is OP
This thing is pretty overpowered in low level pvp, connect 2 swings and it easily takes out somewhere around 80% of the invaders health
Why with 524 AR I only hit 320 per swing?
The dmg decrease if you wear it in two or one hand significantly?



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Resistances, AR just means how much damage your weapon should do to a pile of crap on the side of the road. Some people have high physical resistances and it could also be your stats.
Wielding a weapon in 2 hands gives your strength value a 1.5x multiplier. That's why you need 30 strength to one-hand this, but only 20 strength to two-hand it.

The damage is calculated based on your strength at the time of the attack, which is your base strength if you're one-handing it, but it's your base times 1.5 if you're two-handing it.

I don't know what your first language is, but I hope your English lessons are going well.
Last point in Notes and Tips, second sentence should be "Its high physical damage..." not "It's high physical damage..."
This is easily one of the best coop weapons you can get for a Strength build. So many bosses are weak to both Strike damage and Frostbite.

Leave the team buffs to the faith builds, they do it better. Go out in front and tank the boss while bashing their frozen face in with this beast of a greathammer.


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freeze with vordt, get to heavy morning star, use fire paper before the last bleed hit(or after, whichever you prefer, but in that case you might as well use a fire ceastus)then go back to vordt, repeat.



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"Fire paper" he says...disgusting BB pleb.
I upgraded this yesterday and tried it out on my Str build. The stopping power on it is tremendous. You can R1 stunlock the red-eye Lothric Knight at the beginning of Lothric Castle and take 0 damage (4 hit kill). For the Cathedral Knights with shields in the Walled Garden, two R1's to their block sends them into instability frames for an easy reposte. The Frost damage is just gravy. Also the WA Perseverance helps some on bosses to take less damage and get more than 1 swing in. My only dislike is the graphical frost effect on the weapon as it is distracting and takes away from the look of your armor. I find myself switching to my Light Crossbow as I'm running around the Firelink Shrine just to get a break from the blur. But other than that, this is a great weapon that you can be using right after killing the Tree boss.