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Dodged through this thing a lot times, everytime it buit a***** load of forst.
So this thing deal damage even if you never get hit once.
Lol you need to cool down.
Yeah dude...stay...frosty
Learn to roll dummy.
When you roll, and frostbite procs you take no damage. At least that's my experiences.
Bleed effect has the same thing dude. People change to frost bcs Bleed is nerf.
Since they buffed the frostbite on this thing, it is just incredible on a dedicated strength build. when +5d and at 50 str I was able to kill dragonslayer armor in 8 2hr1s, also you can 2, 3 shot many builds in pvp with low armor. frostbite procs in 2 hits usually. 1 on some enemies in pve. even with a lower AR, this thing outperforms my heavy lothric knight greatsword +10 and does better stagger damage. i know the LKGS is split damage but still, this weapon is not to be overlooked for any strength build. And no, frostbite does not scale with luck, so you don't need to invest in that stat.
You can buff LKGS with Frozen Weapon spell and see what it does to Vordt. I guess it involves scholar ring or natural 15 Int at least to use
still stands that the hammer only have AUX 60 frost???
can someone fix it.
it is supposed to be AUX 110 frost.
do you have the latest patch? Mine say 110.
this thing is aMACEing
Quite the SMASHING results, ain't it?
this weapon sure does gives you CHILLS down your spine
Wow these are some really nICE puns
These puns are, unvordtunately, not very good.
Just slaughtered one guy and both of his phantoms - one of them wielding RKPGS - at Arch-Dragon Peak with this thing on level 135. 110/10 would frostbite again.
nice story...
This does need a good nerfing with the fact it frostbites even wile you roll... I can understand people enjoying this weapon, as it looks good, feels good and handles like a champ, but too few talk of the fact that a free frostbite spam weapon is just sitting here, and everyone uses it for just this purpose ( Usually in the lower levels. For the lovers of the weapons look and all, no offense intended! ) Grab this badboy at a sl 40 or 50 and invade the swamp. Just swing and they have to take the frostbite, and you can click your tongue and wander home with the free kills. No weapon should be a "free punish for evading".
You can't possibly blame the hammer for others*****ty connection. And It's not like its appearence isn't a dead giveaway of what to expect.
Git gud
You also have the Entire swamp to run away. If you choose to stand and fight this weapon it's your own fault.
frostbite is the only thing that makes this thing worth using in the first place. Git gud and let it have its niche.
Rolling doesn't give you many i-frames. Irithyll Straight Sword that builds half the Vordt's Hammer frosbite is just sitting there right after Vordt, you only have to run thru the Undead Settlement until the lighthouse
The game design is balanced in that regard as you can roll to evade the damage caused by status effects.
It's absolute BS that the two hit combo is almost always enough to proc frostbite even at level 120 though.
Are you dumb? Since DS1, bleed was able to proc while you rolled. This has nothing to do with the weapon but with how status effects are handled in iframes. Frostbite is no different, you dumbass.
Also if you get hit by this slow thing you deserve to get frostbitten. Before patch this thing was useless to use because there's other Great Hammer that have Perseverance and are far better. But what makes Vordts unique is it's frostbite, it's called viability. Tired of you DS3 babies whining about everything being nerfed. Learn about game design and the way developers handle diversity before you say something needs nerfing.
I don't understand how you can say "got his" for this. If it hit you, you get frost. If you block, you get frost. If you parry, you get frost. There's no counter...
I would like to chime into this argument, if I may. I have a build exclusively for this weapon and over the past week or so of just using this weapon, this type of weapon will lose to reactive players HARD. If you fight against someone who will never attack and you have a greathammer, you might as well jump off a cliff. It's that bad. Saying that there is no counter is utterly redundant as everything has a counter. Also if you are complaining about frostbite, just get some blue moss clumps or roll through the attacks; it will build up pretty much everytime you get some type of connection and you can absolutely avoid frostbite by rolling.
yeah tell this to longsword and katana hitboxes
katanas deal bleed build up when you evade and if you land a final hit person will bleed out ....
Best great hammer imo amazing to watch people in pvp run so that they can use the blue moss XD its finally got useful and honestly just looks badass
Awesome looking weapon. Happy about the buff
I think it's bugged. Inflicting frost with 2 hits implies it wasn't meant to phantom freeze everyting in a 15 feet radius around the hammers head.
Hey, at least it's good for something; for once.
Some updates on weapon stats:
- requires 1+2+4+8 = 15 titanite Scales for lvl +4
- deals 320 + 232 = 552 damage at +5 and 40 strength
- freeze is working as ntended as it usually procs after 3-4 hits (bosses can take more hits)
- requires 23 stamina for 4 swings and 35 stamina + ring of favour of protection for 5 swings (probably lowest stamina consumption of all hammers)

I only can recommend this weapon for strength build in PvE (2handed). You can get it early, it one or two shots most enemies in the first playthrough (if its constntly upgraded as much as possible), bosses which are considered to be higher on the difficulty scale such as dancer and the dragon are not that hard with the weapon when hyper armour is used correctly. Overall id say its second best hammer in the game right after Ledo's great hammer. Currently on my first playtrough and im having a blast