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behind an illusory railing that leads to an Evangelist. If you head right from the church bonfire (backtracking) there is a railing past the patrol with a corpse and an item. You can hit the railing here and it disappears, opening the path down to it.
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Illusionary railing near the first bonfire in Ilthyll, after the garden area with the pyro and berserker mobs. Leads to a place you can drop down to the witch behind the gate earlier on.
Cool but what does it do? Bigger bug swarm?
There was no such "Illusionary Railing" that I could find. It was literally just the stairway immediately after the crystal lizard, then a drop that lead to the Evangalist who drops the item.
My ***** can only become so erect.
really? the idea of dorhys gnawing on my pecker drains all blood from it.
Does this also cause bleed like the other version of gnaw or is this one just raw damage?
Yes it does cause bleed
This wiki is filled with pathetic ******* that downvote comments for no reason..


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Is it influenced by your luck?
Good Question but don't seem thoug
Tried it with 10 Luck and 20 Luck no difference for me (maybe with 50?)



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there seems to be two copies of this page. This one does NOT match the spelling in the game, which is "Dorhys' Gnawing" presumably a possessive form for someone named Dorhys.
Dorhys is the evangelist you get it from.
good for both Dancer and the consumed king.
I was using lightning whatever on the Nameless King Wyvern. After I dropped dude off his ride, I realized he was super resistant to lightning. I had Dorhys' attuned, so I switched to that and found it works pretty ***** well on him too.
Does luck increase the bleed build up for this spell?
Does anyone know if the bleed buildup of this spell, and Gnaw for that matter, scale with luck?
Dont believe so.
LUCK DOES NOT EFFECT BLEED Build up, it adds a point to bleed on a weapon, everytime you rank luck up. it has no other effect