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By Anonymous
It´s like seeing a long time rival and enemy just become a sad, miserable wreck. Where once was contempt now there is only pity...
By Anonymous
if this never got nerfed it would have been the pkcs im glad its not
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By Grim_Reaper
Still the best curved sword under the sun thanks to its high bleed. And that's all there is to say, folks.
By Anonymous
Simbad's sword
By Anonymous
Incredibly powerful infused with Bleed at 40 LUCK. Managed to kill Crystal Sage at Grand Archives before he could even teleport for the first time on NG+. Bleed happened 3 times, taking 45% of his total HP and an additional 600 HP from the 3 times bleed was inflicted. That's not even counting the raw physical damage.
By Anonymous
pkcs with bleed
By Anonymous
I dunno if this is a dumb idea, but... poison infusion and high luck; is that any good? The bleed seems to stay the same, and when poison infused, it looks to be as powerful as the bleed would have been on blood infusion. Probably would wreck stuff, but I don't know.
By Anonymous
nah just focus on either poison or bleed one at a time. use poison infused rotten ghru curved sword, and blood infused painting guardian curved sword
By Anonymous
Less range than a scimitar now. Utter trash.
By Anonymous
Sharp gives A scaling to Dex
By Anonymous
Mom I want the PKCS! Mom: we have the PKCS at home. The PKCS at home:
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