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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
its classed as a Curved Sword, not a Curved Greatsword.
By Anonymous
and they're both great.
By Anonymous
Anyone know what the scaling is when leveled up? Good for quality build?
By Anonymous
at +6 it's C/C with a quality gem, though it seems ideal for it, currently have 40 dex and 18 str, and the scaling damage is only 2 less with a quality gem than with a sharp gem.
By Anonymous
i have this at +9 on my current run, its fast and deals huge damage.
By SarkDoul
Infused it with sharp gem. Have it at +6 and it is very decent. 3.5 units, perfect for low vitality builds. Moveset is good and it attacks pretty fast with decent damage.
By Anonymous
infusing it with hollow will give it (stronger) bleed and it will also scale with luck. ive head it makes the weapon even better.
By Anonymous
Where's a good location to farm for this? I haven't seen any skeletons weilding a curved sword besides the Falchion. Really would like to grab one of these but no idea which enemies drop it so not sure who to farm for it?
By DemonDante
Go to Catacombs of Carthus bonfire, let the ball pass and go right, then left through the tunnel, there´s two skeletons with these swords and a little bit further is one with the greatsword as well, I farmed them there, with a coin, Crystal Rapier and Symbol of Avarice, it took me like 10 runs.
By Anonymous
man, this sword is super op, i use it to kill most bosses in less than 5 tries, except for abyss watchers which took me an hour
By Anonymous
using it with hollow infusement. 25 less AR than refined but 42 bleed instead of 34. 413 AR currently 15 str 40 dex 40 luck. 40 str and 40 dex refined is 438 AR. if you max strength with the luck build and have 40/40/40 the hollow curved sword will have higher AR than refined. start grindin those levels people lol
By Anonymous
Weapon is pretty solid. have it at +9 right now trying to get a slab. using it with a dex build. have tried claws and fist and they just seem to do ***** damage. this is actually pretty fast and does some good damage.
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