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That's gonna be my nick for this thing. In spite or maybe BECAUSE of that, looks sweet!
This shield removes almost all damage he can deal to you.
What does it mean by "its Skill has faint echoes of the Dragonslayer's own fighting style"? Is it different from the normal Shield Bash? I'm not sure if I want to make this or the axe, but if this has a special shield bash, I want this for sure.
Knocks most baddies down. Wont knock large ones down however.
Has a shotgun like force push.
It´s a bit heavy, but great defense stats and stability. And the best, it has an unique Shild Bash! It kicks enemies down (as a sample red eye knights).
I´ve upgraded it on +5, does also a lot of damage with that bash. In combination with a heavy +10 Dark Sword just hell yeah...
I really want this weapon and I'm willing to trade most of the boss weapons on PS4
I have every single boss weapon +5
This Shield fully upgraded makes the Nameless King a joke. He can barely hurt you and his hits just bounce off the shield meaning free hit with a quick weapon
Only problem is its weight, but otherwise it's an all-round best shield for me.
What is the stability on this fully upgraded? Trying to compare to Yhorms
It's 79, tested myself.
Helps a ton with the Nameless King, if you're strong enough to use it.