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so this ring makes invisible from far distance? cool item
if this is as good as the ring of fog in DS1
its gonna be really overpowered in PvE
It's even better because you flat out can not be seen
just might not effect pve



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Wondering if this was the item used by the NPC invader in the swamp?
Yeah, This is the ring used by Heysel at the swamp.
Looks like for now this Ring remains an Obscurity
tearable? rip in pieces
tearable? rip in pieces
tearable? rip in pieces
That pun was like paper...tearable.
Only lowers the mobs max sight distance up close it's useless
Actually this ring is fantastic because it works in pvp. Other people can just not see you at a certain point.
I use it for invasions. Gank spanks are a LOT easier with this ring. Everyone fans out to search for you, and you can pick one off, run away and repeat... But then the host just summons another one ;-;
Why are all firstborns in dark souls let downs to their parents?
It follows along some twisted tradition where the offspring overthrow their parents and steal their power...then kills off their siblings to eliminate computation and threats.

Right of inheritance always goes to the first born so it's no surprise.
Gwyn's firstborn just sided with the Ancient dragons. Meanwhile, Rosaria's firstborn was just an ******.
competition*. Welcome to the world of auto correct! Lol!
We are in the world of gods and demigods. Robbing something of from your parents or killing them has the meaning of robbing them of power for example in our world. If a king has to give up his power to his son he is "dead". Dead as a king. And if Rosaria lost her tongue it could also mean loss of polical power/influence. If you translatete our myth and legends this way you can find the sparks of truth that are hidden in them.
You can use it to hide in plain sight from phantoms. Seems to work until they're in around lock-on range.
Actually a phantom was just in lock-on range and didn't seem to notice me.
While i was invaded by a mad spirit using this ring i noticed that whenever he nocked an arrow the arrow was visible floating in the air, thus giving away his position. I also believe any persostent projectile that hits them, such as from a bow, also remains visible.
Thats how it was in prequels too. Any effect/projectile on the users body stays visible. Unlike the prequels there arent many visible effects beside projectiles
so many hosts using this ring and hiding in a corner until I get tired of searching and crystaling out.
seriously, are you so afraid of dying that you will stop playing your game, and spend 5 whole minutes hiding?
That's where you get a ring of your own and play hide and seek! Or, you can play dirty and use the chameleon spell.
Stop being a little ***** and duel or fight in a fight club if you are so heavily against a host defending himself in any way possible from a random invasion.
And on the other hand, I've gotten invaded by plenty of people using the ring themselves (SHOCKER! It's a reward for invading!) who then proceed to try and snipe me or spam traps on me to no end.
I use it as a red phantom to debate weather I'm staying in your world or not or to wait for more red phantoms
duel if you dont want to deal with shenanigans. youre invading them against there will of course people are going to do absurd things. Though I wouldnt be surprised if they nerf it since they have nerfed versions of it in other souls titles
In my experience it's exactly the opposite the host usually has 2+ phantoms so the 2 invaders are still outnumbered. If I see another Invader I'm killing them off first.
I would be willing to bet my life that if more invaders were actually civil, and didn't just gang up on the host and mercilessly beat them to death in some corner without so much as a wave to start, hosts would be more receptive to invasions.

But as it stands, you can pretty much bet everything that if there are two invaders and one host, they will fight back-attacking the host trying to attack the other invader or spamming Force on narrow pathways endlessly.

Plus, invaders are supposed to be an enemy, not some invincible wall stopping hosts from progressing. Invaders are supposed to die, not the other way around.
Bro I've got the solution, Go human form, Use seed of giants, Run around the area and hide, spam dried finger - Wait for 1-2 invaders every few minutes, kill them with more hp & have them kill area enemies for you, you decide the pace of the fights, not the invaders.

You invade someone - It's their world, they can sit behind 3 phantoms in a corridor for all they care, just chill