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Probably just my bad luck but it seems like the spear wielding hollows in the stone fort along the way to the crystal sage very rarely drop the pike. In my experience one would have far better luck farming the branch wielding hollows from halfway fortress bonfire.
Yeah, it's a pretty rare drop. I got one this playthrough on my first kill, but didn't get any last playthrough.
I think it's pretty strange if the cloaked hollows inside the crucifixion woods ruins drop this. Shouldn't they drop the regular Spear like hollow soldiers encountered earlier in the game ? Most likely an oversight.
500 hours and I've only ever seen the pike drop once or twice from the tree weilding hollows. For the first time I make a spear focused character, two pikes drop on my first run through the area wielding my spear. Maybe it's just a crazy coincidence, but it makes me wonder if wielding a spear improves drop chance as a kind of secret advantage to spear users.
just like gta , when you find a cool rare car now suddenly everyone has it
For such a long string of the word "long", the longest weapon in the game doesn't have a very long description.

Mmmm, long.

Good stuff.
correct me if i'm wrong, but I thought the pike got A scaling in Dex when sharp and +10?
Yup, it does.
I wanted a giant twig, not a pike From. Geez get it right.
dafuq? i wanted a treebranch to drop not this crap. CMON MIZAZAKI... YOUR BETTER THAN THAT!
mizazaki is the kind of person that make you waste half a year for is own plesure
it also drops from spear and shield wielding hollows before the Crystal Sage bossroom not just the twig-hollows.
Unwieldy and long, eh? Just like my pe.... Nevermind
Don't worry, after you sharpen it a few times your pencil will be much easier to manage.
This weapon is outperformed by the Lothric Knight Long Spear in nearly all fronts. You can farm the LKLS way earlier than the Pike, only better in Heavy infusion for some reason by 15 AR at the hard cap, a mere 0.5 units lighter, it's status as the longest spear in the game is questionable, and most of all, doesn't give poise bonus. So why does this weapon exist again?
It has a very interesting running+R1 attack, similar to many other spears' charge weapon skill but cost 0 FP. Very fun to use