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By Anonymous
377 discovery. I get 99 deacon robes per 1 dregg.
By Anonymous
if you are using the trousers/leggings, try it with Havels Leg's, subjectively those are giving me the highest drop rates

Stay safe my hollow friends!
By Anonymous
Wtf? No parts of Havel's have no effect on drop rate. lmao.
By Anonymous
If you are using the trousers swap trick while farming, try it with Havels Legs, subjectively they give me the best drop rates.

Stay safe my hollow friends!
By Anonymous
Took me around 15 minutes do drop 10 of these above the Pontiff's bonefire with 375 item discovery and a bit of luck on my part.

Please note that the bodies of the deacons need to fade away for the drop to appear, it takes a couple seconds.
Also some drops might appear on snow or in bushes, so it might be hard to spot them. Be careful not to miss any and this'll be the easiest farm of your life.
By Anonymous
1 hour, 500 item disc. No drop.

By Anonymous
To me the rite of kindling looked like a burning humanity sprite. Maybe the dregs are what's left over after the fire died out
By Anonymous
Not too bad to farm if I'm honest, can be combined with POACK's by doing runs between Anor Londo's bonfire and Aldrich's in both directions.

I'd suggest moving to the ones above Sulyvahn's bonfire once you have 9 so that when that 10th one pops you're only seconds from turning them in to McDonnell.
By Anonymous
i farm it the gentleman's way. I go up to the archers and lay down on the ground. if they manage it i throw myself of the balcony. kinda fun.
By Anonymous
if anyone wants to farm add me on steam: 245234684
By Anonymous
if anyone wants to farm these hit me up on steam: 466043545
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