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By Anonymous
any idea where to get those offline?
By Anonymous
Very good question for I'm offline as well due to issues with the phone company and have no landline.I'm guessing there will be a way like in DS1 but it won't be farming dragon scales off blue drakes...long and unrewarding most of the time.
By Anonymous
i have been trying to farm these killing the deacons right outside the pontiffs bonfire but i didnt even get one to droptried both online & offline i know online wouldn't work as i m on NG+ but offline i tried wearing that mimic hat too to increase drop rate and i got none....
By Anonymous
Just got one of off the deacons overlooking the giants after the Pontiff bonfire, they are certainly rare as it took me about 15 runs to get 1 dropping.
By Anonymous
They seem to drop from enemys around the pontiff sulvyan Bonfire
By Anonymous
Plz, halppp...
By Anonymous
Drops from the blue priest in Anor Londo. They are located just before (boss) Aldrich's Chamber.
By Anonymous
Farmed these from the deacons near Water Reserve bonfire with item discovery rate 220, got a drop about every third run.
By Anonymous
What's the point of invading if you can farm them is dark souls 1 dark moon covenant all over again
By Anonymous
For me it's that there's so little online activity in higher soul levels so I have to resort to farming for several covenants to rank up. Like wolf knights, darkmoon, and aldrich's faithful.
By Anonymous
definitely not to feel like an exceptionalist *****bag like you seem to
By Anonymous
Because it is fun to invade people? The problem isn't the farmability, the problem is how off the matchmaking is in most of the covenants.
By Anonymous
All trophies must be able to be acquired offline, if the only way to get the covenant items was to invade, people that can't pay for online play, it would literally be impossible to get the items. So they allow you to get them through other means, making it extremely difficult though to make online play more desirable.
By REXO084
This is 50x easier to farm for than the proof of concords
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
doesn't it kinda look like a humanity, slumped over and fading?
By Anonymous
I felt like this as well. I'm pretty sure the Deacons were responsible for gathering potential souls for Aldrich including kidnapping children, so maybe that's why they item description mentions "will sink to the lowest depths imaginable." As well as the wordplay on 'Deep'.
By Anonymous
I swear I had 9 then logged back in and only had 6. I accidentally disconnected my ps4 a little afterwards so maybe I lost progress?
By Anonymous
The game saves even if you make one step foreward, so I think: No.
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