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By Anonymous
If you're getting bored farming these offline, I found the drop rate increased significantly if I followed this
- kill the 2 knights
-warp to firelink
- Quit game and reopen
-warp to anor londor
- repeat
By Anonymous
A wise man once said, "Thank you dark souls."
By Anonymous
I wise man once said, "Thank you dark souls."
By Anonymous
Spell: Great Soul Dregs
Items: Man-Grub's Staff(+9) + SoA + Rapier + coins
Rings: Covetus +3 + Dark Clutch + 2 dragon rings

Stats: vig 14, end 15, int 40, luck 90 (visit Rosaria)

Now you can engage in endless suffering.

By Anonymous
where's rosaria???
By Anonymous
Torture. Pain. Suffering. Insanity. Thing after accomplishing which every player just straight out deletes the game for the whole next year of maybe more.
By Anonymous
I killed about 300 Knight, and got 19 of them, then I felt that it's taking so much time so I googled how to farm it.. and I found that I should increase my item discovery so it went from 100 to 300
Went back again killed about 500 Knight got only 2
It feels like when you increase item discovery it get overshadowed by the armour and the large titanite
So I would say try it with no item discovery boosters
By Anonymous
Yea i do think the shards and armor pieces overshadow the proof
By Anonymous
Had that happen with Demon's souls, got 27 uchis, max shards, max soul remains, 40 chunks, and one pure bladestone.
By Anonymous
here are some findings and other facts which I have verrified during the most painful grind (16-18 hours) after the sharpstone chunk grind in Demon Souls:

1. Changing trousers does help, at least for a limited time; quitting the game didn't affect the trousers buff
2. Both silver knights are dropping the desired item
3. While my wife was in the living room, drop rate increased
4. While my daughter was in the living room, drop rate decreased
5. While my wife and daughter were in the living room, I was happy, because they were cheering on me, drop rate was not important any more

Stay safe my hollow friends!
By Anonymous
Too all melee warriors

I'm excited as a relatively new soulsborn enthusiast to present my finding of a new glitch: at least I think it is a new glitch, because the most popular video on YT about this topic has a far more complex solution for it. At this point in time it would be too difficult for me to go through all found glitches, but I'm confident that I discovered at least a new use case for a particular problem.

If you are struggling with the speared silver knight or just want to slice a couple of seconds from each run on those two dudes, you can let him glitch trough the air in order to backstab him. Especially his lightning dash, which is the more common at the beginning of each encounter, does save a lot of time even while taking far less concentration from you, which is perfect for an 8+ hour grind. Try following steps:

1. Run up the stairs until you see "him"
2. Don't lock the camera on the target
2. If you distance is far enough, he will charge you with his lighting dash; don't get to close, otherwise you need to fight him in the normal way
3. While he is charging up, look at the ground and get a few step to the side, otherwise you will be staggered... because the following will happen:

Instead of moving along the ground with his dash, the knight will move mid air; he will fall down out of the air, where he was supposed to stop from this dash attack, which is roughly at the spot where you've been at the time he was starting to charge his dash. as a result of his fall out of the sky, he will be staggered and a perfect target for your backstab attack.

4. you can now lock on the target again and aim for his back
5. prepare for the second knight, which will be already on his way, but dealing with him in close combat is way more easy (at least for me)

A visual presentation can be found on YT, if you search for this title:
"Dark Souls 3 - Anor Londo Spear Silver Knight Stair Glitch"

I've uploaded the video yesterday, but apparently videos are not allowed in the comments (I can understand why that is so), but nevertheless I hope I can help someone with it, because I understand the agony farming this.

Stay safe my hollow friends!
By Anonymous
Forgot to mention, my approche on this run takes 1:03 min
By Anonymous
I need to correct myself, my approche on this run only takes 0:39 min!
By Anonymous
I finally got my dark moon blade. Seconds after getting it I killed that ***** for making me go through that. Good chime. Glad to have. you will be remembered Yorksha.
By Anonymous
She gets the dung pie.
By Anonymous
Got in on a strength build (farmed till 28, got last 2 in ng+). Great mace makes it easy: perseverance, one, two three, dead, perseverance, one, two, three, dead, bonfire and repeat, kinda relaxing. Took couple of hours (not in one session, half hour farming, then did something else, and back to it), but got about 10 of them on summoning (sl 126, got summoned like every 15 minutes). Some summons are hopeless (host dies before you get to invader), some very easy (ganks molesting single red, fight clubs are also great, - every time red loses you get a reward and you just watch), some even end before you enter. Unfortunatly at least two times I didn't get a reward, I don't know why.
People, listen: you shouldn't complain. Yes, droprate is awful, but covenant rewards aren't worth it. Darkmoon blade isn't better than Llighnting blade, so why bother? For bragging rights? For completionism? If yes, I dont't have sympathy for you, nobody forces you to 100% the game, and nobody gives a damn if you did. I did it just to have a "full Dark Souls 3 experience", just like farming pure Bladestone in Demon's Souls. I'm not angry at From about it but I will never do it again.
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