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I don't understand how can I farm these with someone, could someone explain it to me?



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far, the silver knight at anor londo until they drop what you desire (it's a rare drop)


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To farm these Concords. You need to have high Item Discovery, and keep killing Knights until you get a Concord. It's time consuming. Knights=Concords(Rare Drop)
Only the one who killed the invader with the finishing blow gets the Concord? I just fought an invader as a blue spirit but the guy accidentally rolled off a cliff, and I got the "Dark Spirit Defeated" message but no Proof of Concord Kept.
I need these to complete the covenant. Anyone willing to trade, or drop 20 of these add my PSN xxaltimaxx
"Covenant tribute items are not tradable between players"
The conditions of receiving one still eludes me. I was summoned to defend someone. I spent a good five minutes holding off two invaders. I managed to hit one as he was going down a ladder. He hits the ground, dies, I get a Proof of Concord Kept. The other invader I then chiseled down to his last bit of health, kept up the fire so he couldn't heal, then another phantom swoops in and deals the killing blow. I get no Proof of Concord Kept. I say that settles it. You don't get one unless you are the last one to hit them before they die.
Not only that i didn't get a single proof with full farming gear after farming for around 2 hours, i also didn't get it after getting summon and killing a couple red/purple spirits. This is so badly done, it doesn't drop when it should (aka help someone kill red/mad spirit) and the drop chance in PvE is so low, that i farmind 1.5kk souls on them in NG+, without getting a single proof.
Having the same problem. Feeling as if they have lowered the drop rate. Got to 2mil souls and still no proof.


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as of today ive gotten 6 of them... from farming that is. have all item discover gear on, crystal rap in left hand dark hand in right. SoA on head, Gold serp+1, and pop a coin every rest. i get them within 30 knights. ~~~~~~AND~~~~~~ EVERY TIME YOU GET ONE TO DROP RESET YOUR GAME. im not kidding you. for some reason this resets a timer thats built in the game. (just now i got two in a row. lucky i know. but i got one reset game first knight killed after dropped another one.) Try it out.........
Easiest and fastest way to farm these is to pick the one up in Anor Londo during every NG. You will max the covenant at NG+29 way faster than waiting to get summoned or farming the "earless" Silver Knights.
There are actually two Proofs every playthrough one in Anor Londo and one in the Church of Yorshka so you'd only need to do 15 journeys to max the covenant. Not sure if its actually faster than farming them or just being a Blade but it's an option and probably more fun than farming and more reliable then hoping to be summoned.
Only ever reached 30 ears on one character, before the Ringed City came out. Never, ever bothering with it again. I leave Darkmoon covenant on to get extra pvp during a playthrough but that's it.
Just finished this damned thing today.

Took me roughly 8 hours with the mimic head, rapier, ring + and coin. My luck was at 70 by the time I finished, I didn't really keep count but I think I managed around 5-6m souls out of the ordeal.

Oh, btw don't try the magic one that mentioned above, just go with the build you are most comfortable with. Also recommend farm for the pale tongues to put more points to luck if you needed it.

Wish me luck, next stop the mound maker
And here I thought farming shackles sucked hard. This is a whole new level...
Broken link. Rosaria's Fingers link needs to have the last '+' removed, at the end of the link; works fine if the URL is manually edited after clicking the link. This is the second link I've come across like this on this wiki.

Also, the entire page for the weapon skill "Pray for Favor" is missing or mis-named, because I cannot find a working link to that page.