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Why they had to put this ring? Seems as broken as in Dark Souls 1 and now we have 4 ring slots.
You can't put more than one same version of the ring, and it's pretty realistic if you get stabbed right in the chest


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Well what i can see backstabbing people isn`t a nobrainer anymore + there is a anti crit ring too if you suffer to much from backstabs :D just wait end see (if i compare ds2 crit modifier with ds3 not a single dagger is above 130)
back dark souls 1
What is the % increase modifier for this beastly ring?
30%* ^
20%, allegedly.
because whiners need to cry :)
I lol'd

Seriously though, if you people are gonna cry, parrying dagger is way more broken
Nice, DS3 easy parrys + hornet ring + dagger
the parry window in DS3 is much lower than in the other games, a very nice improvement!
Why bring this back? It was universally despised in DS1.
just by people who didn't know how to counter, maybe learning to do so instead of whining would offer a greater degree of protection
I disagree, even if you're good at pulling off counter attacks it makes the fights end too fast. I never really feel like I've won if I parry and then one shot riposte. Then there's backstab fishing which actually is back. I've been back stabbed from the front multiple times.
Er, critical attacks*
This ring was only complete ***** due to backstab fishing, but it seems you can't just phase through someone and instantly backstab them and then backstab them again as soon as they get up.
this is going to be used even more now, so that's cool
can anyone post a video for the ring location?
cuz i searched everywhere at firelink shrine area and didnt find it
It located in the SPOILERS: The UNTENDED GRAVES right after you beat the boss, it's an optional area after beating Oceiros, the consumed king. When it says fire link shrine it's referencing the old fire link shrine or something, I havnt looked to much into it. It's basically all black no fire so no light hah. Anyways hope his helped.
You have to defeat Abyss Watchers for the ring to spawn in Dark Fire Link Shrine.
You must have gone to the DARK version of Firelink Shrine. In this dark version, it's dark, there are black knights, the boss name is CHAMPION Gundyr, there is no one inside Firelink Shrine but a dead Fire Keeper and a handmaid.