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5 maybe? I'm surprised that there is another dex ring aside from Carthus Milkring
K checked Carthus Milkring page and it says +3 dex, so pretty much confirms it's a flat buff, and I see no reason why they wouldn't stack except...
I assume the main purpose of the milkring is the invisibility when you roll, so I hazard to guess it gives less Dex then this.
Carthus Milkring is giving me +3 dexterity now on NG. Currently 22+3=25 Dex. Earlier it was 20+3=23 dex. Not sure if percentage based or flat, but given this ring is flat buff, Carthus Milkring may be flat as well.
i see what did you do here mijazaki ...
Bloodborne and Dark Souls aren't in the same universe said Miyazaki. So this is just lore breaking and honestly ruins my enjoyment of this game... You cant have a bipolar universe setting, it makes no sense with what already little story there is in these games.
They're not, it says in the description:

"The hunters serve Lothric on the fringes and in the shadows. For generations, rulers of Lothric have relied especially upon the Black Hand hunters to punish enemies in ways that the king's Three Pillars cannot."

So they are hunters, but not necessarily the ones from Bloodborne.
Hahaha you can't be serious, they're not even the same hunters as bloodborne and a ring ruins your enjoyment of the game? Wow, just wow.
A hack writer is a hack writer even in the video game industry.
After reaching the Grand Archives, you all new to go to the Shrine Handmaiden and buy the Black Hand Hat
Its a reference/easter egg you *****ing turd. How can one thing ruin the entire game for you? Just dont play it if youre that butthurt. Christ.
It's not explicitly stated that the hunter portrayed there is the same kind of hunter in Bloodborne. There are several armor outfits in this game that have similar looking hats and would cast that silhouette.
have you ever heard of eastereggs? oO
Easter egg bro
I'm glad that this comment has so many downvotes. Good job, folks.
"what already little story there is in these games" oh hun...


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If an item that you apparently try to force a connection between the two games ruins your enjoyment of the game, you sir should of been put down at birth
Would OP rather that the DS story was laid out in handy expository cutscenes and collectable audiologs? Would you prefer if there was a tutorial level at the beginning that made you prove you can use basic controls, then dumped story on you through an npc whom made you do a fetch quest after telling you that you were the chosen one? Go back to CoD.
Its a shame their is no +1 or +2 version of this, I would love to have that
"May you find your worth in the waking world."
Considering the Bells of Awakening I don't think it is a reference to BB at all.
anon 2 what bells of awakening? this is from dark souls 3.
A hoonter must hoont.
Not only does this look like a hunter from bloodborne but there are a lot of other references and items that have a bloodborne feel to them. Pontif's left eye (heals with hits) , black hand set , and many other things! I love bloodborne but it gets blatantly ridiculous sometimes.
Deal with it. And if you can't, then make your own game.
It's just an easter egg, but it is ridiculous... I LOVE IT.
It's not an Easter egg. It's the third hunter who died trying to get to Gertrude. The hat doesn't even look like the Bloodborne tricorn hat.



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Pontiffs left eye is nothing compared to Bloodbornes rally mechanic. As long as you attack within a set amount of seconds while some of your health bar is orange you’ll get whatever’s orange back. With pontiffs left eye as long as you keep attacking you’ll gain more and more health
I would guess that the sigil is Pharis, and not a Bloodborne reference. The hat looks very similar.