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By Anonymous
does the ring of steel protection stop the downside from effecting that much or does it do nothing at all
By Anonymous
It does add more defense, so feel free to use it
By Anonymous
This thing is INCREDIBLE if you want to make a twink. 15 extra levels is massive on ANY build. It's great on STR/DEX builds, sure, but for mages, it is insanely valuable. It gives you precious stats that you otherwise can't afford to put levels into. In PvP, the health and stamina bonus is massive. Highly recommended, for any build. Pair it with ring of steel protection, and you will be moderately tanky while wearing rags.
By Anonymous
But PLEASE do not make a twink...
By Anonymous
It's a really wide ring
Not for your finger...
By Anonymous
Soo... for your toes then?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
still too small for me
By Anonymous
Agreed. In fact, this should open up a 5th ring slot for you while it's equipped.
By Anonymous
what happens if you are on max level already? will it go over the limit or will it be normal and do nothing
By Anonymous
It won't do anything if your stats are already capped
By Anonymous
Hands down best ring in the game. As opposed to other rings/headpieces the absorption decrease is much lower and it ends up being completely offset by the added vitality, which boosts base defence, not to mention the bonus 5 points in vigor.
This ring is basically +15 soul levels completely gratis
By Anonymous
Oh man best in the game!? I just got to Unintended at sl 165. So bc my is vgr-50 end-40 & vit-30 is this ring gunna have any use for me now? I’ll prob never use that Halberd either lol
By Anonymous
Took this dude nearly 200 lvls to get to untended graves.
By Anonymous
Increases your defenses
While also decreasing your defenses
Got it
By Anonymous
how the **** do you put this thing on
By Anonymous
c0ck ring
By Anonymous
This ring is a MUST if your planning on doing a str build, theirs no reason why you shouldn’t use it
By Anonymous
This ring is a MUST for pretty much every build, dude.
By Anonymous
This ring is basically the ring of favor and protection from ds1. Every build has to have it, even more so int or fth builds who can't afford to invest too much in vitality
By Anonymous
Once you get to lvl 130+ I'm not sure how good 15 levels is compared to the benefits of some other rings, like using Silvercat, Life+3 and Lloyds Sword depending on the situation.

Until lvl 100 at least, it is amazing value.
By Anonymous
You'd have to have a really wide finger in order for this to fit.
By Anonymous
You've been invaded by Wide-Finger Gundyr...
By Anonymous
Basically, this ring is 5 free levels in endurance and in a no hit/level 1 run... it’s a loop hole into getting more much appreciated vitality.
By Anonymous
and if using at sl1, youll actually take less damage and are less likely to be one-shot
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