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Does anyone know how much is it?
9-10% damage amp. Def not 2% lol.
Its around 2% damage up this is literally the most OP ring in the game prolly gonna be this Games Dark souls 1 FaP ring where everyone will use it cause its effects are too good to pass up
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Would love to know.
From exchanging champion gundyr
otherwise take this instead
it's like 3 rings in one with a minor debuff.
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I'm pretty sure its a flat -10.000 to all your absorption stats when I wear it
This is correct, the text above needs to be edited. Prisoner's Chain decreases all absorption stats by 10 points.
I tried to figure out what could give you the maximum equip load between Prisoner's Chain, Havel's Ring, and Ring of Favor.

Prisoner's chain gives you 5 vitality. Since each point of vitality means one point of equip load, you get 5 equip load points.

Havel's Ring gives you a 15% bonus, which at 10 vitality is 7.5 so it will always give you more equip load than Prisoner's chain, but no boost to health or stamina.

Ring of Favor gives you a 5% equip load bonus. 5% of 100 is 5, so the only way ring of favor is going to be as good as Prisoner's chain (for equip load) is if you get your vitality up to 60. With a vitality of 10 you get 2.5 equip load points, which is about half as effective as Prisoner's Chain. Still, you wouldn't need to worry about the extra damage with Ring of Favor.
Ring of the Embedded artwork, DS2.
it's the same ring, just a different name
Not sure where that 10% is coming from. If it was so at some point, it must've been severely nerfed. My absorptions go down by nearly 50% when I equip this ring. Doesn't really seem worth it honestly.
flat -10. not 10%
if your absorption goes down by 50%, then you only got 20 total?
Yes, absorptions went down by about half. But I've understood the concept of defense a bit wrong so far, I thought I'd take nearly twice the damage with this ring, but it's indeed barely noticeable when I experimented with it.