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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The wiki page doesn't match the item description.
Fixed it.
In the online information section it says...

It is possible to have anything from a 3v3 to a 1v5 scenario.

But it does not say in what context this can happen. Can you please add more information in each section to add more context to the mechanics when possible?

Such as how the 1v5 can happen, 3v3. I'll be checking covenants to check more out about this. :3
A 1v5 could be possible by summoning 3 Mad Phantoms (thus taking up 'friendly' Phantom slots, and having 2 invaders. All of them could gang the host if they wanted. With mad phantoms, any combination could happen.
check my answer above
It is possible to play 4vs2 (4 friendly vs 2 enemy)
If you want to play 3 Friends you have to do it this way, Summon two of your friends first with password. Then Use the dried finger and then remove your password and let your friend place his sign somewhere hidden so you can find him first. It worked for me
I was able to summon 3 ppl without having password. I summoned first two, then used dried finger and summon signs appeared. It's possible I was already getting invaded at that point, which may matter.
It's worth noting that they allow you to summon 3rd helper, but if you have dried fingers on no phantoms can enter boss fights.
That is a well know bug, It has nothing to do with the fingers. Just the usual jolly co-op issues (also dont know if monday's update/patch fixed it)
Its either a server bug or some internet connection issue
Not true, it let me and my 3 other friends enter the Lord Wolnir boss fight with dried fingers o.n
why can't i summon more than 2 red's after i summon 2 all signs go away
you can only summon 1 phantom to help you in the Road of Sacrifices (and Farron Keep, need to test) the Dried Finger will increase this to two.
wondering the same
I was playing today with 3 friends, we all used our password to summon one another without having to remove the password for the 3rd phantom.
Edit: This was on the Xbox One.
This also works for the PC version, so the need to remove the password for a third is unnecessary.
So I think this item has a condition to it in some areas. I had a party of four on Xbox and we were trying to get together as usual and it seemed to not work as intended in the Road of Sacrifices. We could only summon a second phantom AFTER we used the Dried Finger. We thought maybe it could be connection based but after multiple attempts, the same result was replicated. I really don't know why this is, either it was a bad time to try and summon three phantoms or the person who wrote the items description didn't get the memo that certain areas only allow for one other phantom.

Can someone else confirm this?
using the finger in the Road of Sacrifices is BAT*****! Such fightclub mayhem...glorious mayhem.
Thanks for the info, that's what I thought it was!
i had that too! i was at the watchdogs of farron bonfire and only i could get summoned by my friend, and my other friends sign instantly disappeared when he touched mine. the host used the fingers and then we were able to all join in.
I'm reading that some locations limit you to only 1 other friendly summoned phantom. That location likely has that restriction.
Hi there can anyone tell me were I can buy more of this dried finger as the handmaid only sells 1 ?
It has unlimited uses, so you shouldn't necessarily need more than one.
My bros and I discovered that if you use this item in Anor Londo, you can get invaded by three phantoms, usually two Aldrich Faithful and one red phantom, but we saw that in the inverse at least twice.

side note:
If you want some decent PvP/ganking, get a good crew and wait at the bottom of the ladder at bonfire with the Crocodogs. Drop prism stones (we did this in an arrow) to let invaders know where to go, pop a seed, and just wait. Invaders will usually stagger in one at a time, and won't really be able to escape. We had 17 kills, 4 people who quit (all of them hard quitting or using the crystal), and 2 who were killed in PvE, in 30 minutes.
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Dude, he said by the bonfire where the crocodogs were. That means he's killed them. It's a good arena.
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