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By Anonymous
look its not the best buff but if you are using a high ar weapon with just enough faith to cast tears of denial than it does work well enough
By Anonymous
Fun fact: Aside from the Wolnir boss fight, the amount of skeletons that resurrects in the catacombs of Carthus is an amazing number of...................3-4 skellies.
By Vapeila
"Will prevent Skeletons from resurrecting"
By Anonymous
does this perm kill skeletons? i got this on a Katana build i want to put miracles on and i'm going to Carthus soon and want to find out if it does
By Anonymous
yes it kills them perminetly
By Anonymous
so i have a build whith the lothric knight grs and i decided i needed a wpn buff because my refined wpn wosent enough for me but i had low attunment and 20 faith so i didnt feel like grinding a buch of souls to try and get the stats for lightning blade or darkmoon blade, so i decided to try this out and was astonished at how well it preformed, I had a kill streak of 10 in gank city before i died. Yes it is stupid you get it late game, i think it should drop from the blue lothrick knight in the high wall But only if you have the basin of vows or something of the like maybe worrier of sunlight seings how they have a shrine in lothric casle. But it is a solid choice for regen builds and any high leval build that dosent want to invest to many stats into high lvl buffs or just something along the way.
By Anonymous
Surprised to see nobody talking about the hidden small aoe blasts features when applying this buff to the great mace exclusively. Even though the Cathedral knights showcases this as a hint. Many sent me DMs to express their complete confusion.
By Anonymous
Might be the most versatile weapon buff, It not only the weapons AR, but also has a passive affect by healing you as well. Probably the most unique weapon buff.
By Anonymous
On a blessed infusion lothric UGS is better this or lightning blade?
By Anonymous
Elemental infusions, blessed and simple are not buffable.
By Anonymous
There's a reason why Herald starts with a spear for a weapon.
7,5% physical AR is not really that great... Until you consider thrust counters. All other buffs in the game - no matter how great they are - do not affect the one thing spears exist for. But this thing? Combine the buff with Leo Ring and you get a devastating combination if you'll manage to land that one high value counter hit.
By Anonymous
so one thing ive found is that fire damage has some sorta weird backround thing going on, weather it be for repost or counter damage for some odd reason fire damage does more than all other elements during these attacks specifically
By Anonymous
One of the best buffs in the game period.
If you have a physical build that can be buffed, you are doing yourself a complete disservice by not using this.
It's a 7.5% of physical damage without PVP nerfs ,DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG THAT IS??. Most physical AR buffs in the game are nerfed except loyed sword ring which is impossible to maintain or you need to meet some annoying proc conditions because Fromsoft knows how dangerous that is on HIGH AR weapons with unspilt damage. BUT this bad boy gives you constant buff with healing on top?
Shut up and take my stat investment.
By Anonymous
psst, hey.
you want a cool ring?
it gives you 5 extra faith.
only 1000 souls.
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