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By Anonymous
Would really like to make a build with this buff.
By Anonymous
I could imagine this works well against reanimated foes, but is it magic or lightning? Can one cast this buff on a weapon that has the blessed upgrade path?
By GabehSilva
i think its phisical, added to the scaling bonus the weapon already has from your phis stats (dex/str), just like using the Blessed gem
By Anonymous
No sadly ;^; no infused weapon can be buffed except Hollow, Heavy, Sharp, and Refined.
By Anonymous
does anyone know where to find it?
By Anonymous
This is gonna be as good as darkmoon blade
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
would be super useful in the catacombs
By Anonymous
You'd have to sequence break and kill dancer early on and then run a gauntlet of hard enemies to grab it, and then go to carthus
By Anonymous
"Scholars acquired the Grand Archives."Maybe it's in this Grand Archive place?
By Anonymous
Require Lothric Tome and must be given to a Npc (presumably Irna)The Tome is located inLothric Castle, courtyard by Dragonslayer Armour boss, through broken wall, drop down into lower room*Credits to Wiki
By TheFallenApprentice
I can confirm the location is Lothric castle .. before the Dragonslayer Armour fog door, take a left.. there is a broken wall, u can jump down, be careful of Abyss Hollow though.. it works "Miracles" in the catacombs .. and Lord Wolnir realy becomes a joke!!! However, that means you will have to kill Dancer early in game, which is extremely difficult.. or wait till NG+ to use in Catacombs
By Anonymous
it's possible to kill the dancer very early1) kill the sword master in firelink2) summon the sword master near vordt door3) go kill emma with the swordmaster with you. Fight the dancer and let it kill (easyly) the swordmaster4) quit the game5) relaunch the game. You are now outside of dancer's area. Go back to vordt, and summon the swordmaster. Now, he have the chaos blade.6) come back to the dancer. The swordmaster will kill her with ease, being immune to all his attack (now, the description of his armour take sens)7) profit
By Anonymous
That glitch isn't possible anymore. They fixed it earlier in the game, just for clarification.
By Anonymous
apparently the dancer is very easy if bleed is used against her or if you just sit in the background spamming spells while she does her spin to win.
By Anonymous
Damage added by this spell is pure physical and even with 60 faith and +10 yorshka's talisman damage output is kinda garbage.Also description for this weapon above is lacking most important function of this spell, also stated in ingame desc. : "effective against reanimated foes".I think it has a special damage modifier that only works on skeletons, does at least 100 more damage than lightning blade at catacombs.
By Anonymous
Yep good for skellies and zombies.
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