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By Anonymous
This is an inferior spear except in one situation. Playing against a regen-healing spear of the church. Even tagging their iframes will reduce their fp and shorten the fight. However, if you're playing against the kind of jerk who runs away and regents health the whole fight you're betting off pulling the plug and blocking them.
So, just use this beautiful weapon for its cool purple auora.
By Anonymous
It leans way too hard on the FP gimmick, but being an unbuffable faith weapon is its real killer imo. You're just better off with every basic, obvious alternative you could imagine.
By Anonymous
On max level this thing has 519 AR, being the highest damaging pure-physical spear. Although the gratlance has more but is considered a pike :P
By Anonymous
Why? The weapon art should've worked like a mini vow of silence and temporarily stops the enemy from casting since ashen estus is a thing and you most of the time, you'll kill the enemy faster than you'll drain all of their fp
By Anonymous
This weapon is so damn tragic. It can’t be infused, so there goes more build potential. It’s weapon art is laughable, and it’s damage is terrible if you don’t put 40+ into str, dex, and faith. This weapon really had the potential to be really good, and already looks cool, but it just falls flat.
By GreySkale45
Can we take a moment to appreciate that a SPEAR has better blocking stats than some shields? Mostly small shields, but still, it's a spear!
By Anonymous
This weapon is good for one niche, on a 40 strength 40 dexterity 40 faith build this weapon does more damage than a blessed Partizan, but you lose passive health regen and an actually useful weapon art.
By Anonymous
WA is useless in pve, but man, does it look cool