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Nice hustle, tons-o-fun! Next time eat a salad!
I've got a blueprint for you! My ***!
Infused on fire this weapon is the 2nd with high AR, 529, with clutch ring 570, with Lloyd 627. The first place is Great Mace with 590. Fire infusion is great on this weapon and you can stunt certains enemies with fire.
Trashy straightsword users hate the rolling R1 of this massive tree branch
Ugly and shhity... A fitting weapon for low skill STR tards.
lmao git gud dex ***
ooga booga katana man go smush
Ooga booga me will bash dex users with big club
The havel greatshield DESTROYER. Hit em twice and you got a free riposte.
Me smash puny dex build
"You hosted the wrong gank, fool!"
Hits like a trunk
Love smashing people in pvp with this. All you have to do is bait them into dodging close to you and this thing will roll catch them. I just spam r1 at that point and they die from the combo.