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Play like a scrubbo, you get the clubbo.
Just a heads up, by the time you reach the 19 strength requirement for two handing this weapon a heavy infusion already out damages raw so even though it’s early game go straight for it. Bonus, you can also obtain at least two heavy gems before you reach this weapon. A strength build (warrior for example) can use the starting weapon exclusively till you reach this and proceed to destroy the entire game with this being the only weapon you use upgrade materials on.
Ooga booga I smash tiny dex build
This is the greatest club ive ever been to. literally smashed anyone i wanted to at any time however hard i wanted
really good for farming casuls
The fully charged 2H R2 appears to be glitched as it can transfer into an R1 instantly, this won’t do much combo wise as it’ll knock opponents down into invincibility frames but it’s a great bait tactic in PvP as there is no pause for someone to get an attack in even if it’s a running katana attack
In pve against mobs who can't be knocked back, it's even better
Nameless King and his city of stone fell all too easily to my tree branch
Nameless King and his city of stone fell all too easily to my tree* Fixed that for you.
Ah. Yes yes. Thank you.
the best part of this weapon is the 2H R2 animation cancel. It seems to cancel perfectly into both R1 and a jumping attack. A fully charged R2 with this weapon is possibly the most disgusting bait in the game. They dodge the R2 and try to punish only to get punished in return, and then that R1 itself has true combos
How can I do that animation cancel, please? :)
No one can simply roll through the R2 it’s hit box is 3 times bigger than the weapon and is a lingering hit box on top of that it still combos into 2 R1s (it is possible to escape the second R1 but it’s very tricky and most of the time it connects)
Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8
+10 heavy, FBI OPEN UP!
Best strength weapon in the game by far. 1. U can get it very early 2. Needs only 18 or 19 strength to wield it 2h. 3. No other stats than strength required. 4. Very good damage output. Heavy +10 with 60 str has almost 600 ar or 40 str 2 handed before any buffes. 5. Can be buffed and infused. 6. Insane strong r2-r1 combo. 7. Cannot be parried 2h mode. 8. Weights only *****ing 12 units. 9. Has strike damage useful for a lot of bosses. 10. Has hyper armor. 11. Very nice sweeping moveset. Even the weapon art is usefull in pve in certain situations. Surely there are weapons with higher damage out there but the difference is very low. Ledo great hammer with 60 str has 623 ar, and for like 30 ar difference u have way worse moveset, (except the wa), Ledo is almost 3 times more heavy and u get it late game. Not to mention Ledo can't be buffed.